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Motherhood Roadmap (SG Edition): Detailed Guide By Months

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When I was searching for information online in desperation in the middle of the night, I kept wondering why wasn’t there a detailed guide or roadmap to motherhood for first time mothers like myself? Since I couldn’t find any, I decided to record down my personal account (and hopefully add on more diverse POVs along the way) to help fellow Singaporean mothers out there who may be struggling too.

While I understand that the roadmap to motherhood may look different for every mother, here’s a detailed account of mine that you may use as reference to kick off your own planning for the months ahead.

Think of this roadmap as the central guide to bookmark, linking out to many more motherhood related resources, because I cannot possibly cover everything within ONE article. This article will be constantly updated with new links and resources as I write more about the various milestones.

Read on to learn more!

Motherhood in The Initial Weeks – Postpartum Recovery & A Steep Learning Curve

I will not sugar coat anything here because I don’t believe it will help. The initial weeks of motherhood (or parenthood) will be some of the toughest days of your life. From recuperating from the pain of delivery (whichever the method), to sleep deprivation from caring for your newborn. BUT I also want to assure you that this tough time will pass. I have emerged from those days a stronger mother, as many before me and many after will!

Want to get prepared for the steep learning curve ahead? Here are some of the key resources I believe will be helpful in the various areas.

Postpartum Recovery

Breastfeeding (Optional)

Only relevant if you opt for breastfeeding route.

Newborn Care & Others

  • Register Baby Name Within 42 days from Birth – Here’s the official website to go to!
  • What to Look Out For When Applying for Hospitalization Plan? – Work in Progress
  • How to Get Free Diaper Samples in Singapore? – Here’s an economic resource to help you try out the various brands to see what works for your baby’s butt!
  • Infant Diaper Bag Checklist – Bringing baby out to the PD or just out for a visit? Here’s some of the essentials you’ll need to bring along.
  • What to Do on Your First Visit to the Paediatrician? – Work in Progress
  • Newborn Care 101: Guide to Feeding, Sleeping, Diaper Changes & More – Work in Progress
  • How to Set Up A Baby Diaper Changing Station? – A Step By Step Guide + Essentials You’ll Need!
  • Baby’s First Photoshoot – Looking for a newborn photographer to capture baby’s precious moments as a wee lil baby? Here’s a list of trusted baby whisperers to help you achieve that!
  • Preparing for Baby Newborn Shoot – Work in Progress
  • Shaving Baby’s Head For The First Time: What was the Experience like? – Work in Progress
  • Baby Toys SG: Review Of Infant Toys I Bought from 0-6 Months – Things to consider before you buy toys, and my personal recommendations of what worked best for my girl at each month milestone.

Newborn Essentials (If you haven’t already gotten them)

Motherhood in the 2nd- 3rd Months – Continued Postpartum Recovery & Establishing Routines

Feeling tired? It’s perfectly normal in motherhood – you have just had a ton of responsibilities thrust upon you as a new parent responsible for a very vulnerable and needy little being. Just wanted to give you some encouragement that some semblance of normalcy will be returning soon. The key to that is routine – the critical theme of this few months.

Continued Postpartum Recovery

  • Postpartum Checkups – Work in Progress
  • Postpartum exercises- Work in Progress
  • Body shapers or binders that help with mum tum – Work in Progress
  • Postpartum body massages (c-section birth) – Work in Progress

Newborn Care & Routines

Motherhood in the 4th- 6th Months – Developmental Milestones Galore & Back To The Workforce

After the steep learning curve that was the 4th trimester (first 3 months), you are likely getting into the groove of your routines and hence coping better at home. This was at least the case for me (a part time WFH mum). But for working mothers, there might be another challenge ahead- heading back into the workforce post maternity leave.

I personally also really enjoyed this period, because I found my baby so much more interactive during this age. There were so many growth spurts where so many new skills were acquired – from rolling over, semblance of crawling, sitting up, grabbing things and more. It felt like she was levelling up every day and becoming so much more fun to engage and play with.

Also, at around the 6th month mark, I started to introduce solid foods when her neck was strong enough and she was able to sit up well. So much fun (but also stress) when it comes to introducing baby to a world of new food!

Hoping that you’ll enjoy this phase as much as I did!

Developmental Milestones Galore

Heading Back To The Workforce

Work in progress – Will reach out to working mothers to learn more about the concerns in this area! If you are keen to contribute, please reach out and let me know too!

  • How to Search For Infantcare? – Work in Progress
  • Applying for infantcare?- Work in Progress
  • Infantcare Subsidies?- Work in Progress

Motherhood in the 7th- 9th Months – Even More Developmental Milestones

You are now an experienced mother compared to the you almost half a year ago. Give yourself a pat on the back. Everything is now more under control at home with better established routines and time back in the workforce.

Now is the time to enjoy the even more rapid rate of development that is happening in your baby like crawling, standing, and for some even walking! What this also means, is time to baby proof the house, and introduce more toys or activities for baby to learn better?

For some who are looking to introduce baby to playgroup when they are at 18 months, this could also mean time to start the search for an Early Years Centre?

More Developmental Milestones

  • How I Babyproofed My House? – Work in Progress
  • Fun recipes for Baby – Work in Progress
  • My Baby’s First Library – Work in Progress
  • Places to Bring Baby for Educational Fun – Work in Progress
  • My Search For Baby’s Playgroup – Work in Progress

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