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8 Month Old Baby Sample Daily Schedule (Feeding, Naps & Play)

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Hey Singaporean mummies, daddies, and everyone in between! Curious about what a typical day looks like with a little 8 month old baby? Today I’m giving you a play-by-play of my 8 month old baby sample daily schedule (including feeding and naps, of course!).

8 Month Old Baby Sample Daily Schedule

My baby girl has been on this 8 month old baby sample daily schedule from 8 months and is still on it at 10+ months now.

  • Her wake windows (from getting out of bed to being back in bed) are approximately 2-3 hours
  • She sleeps a total of 2.5-3.5 hours in the day and 11-12 hours in the night
  • She eats 2-3 solid meals a day (breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner)
  • We try to bring her outdoors 2-3 times a week
  • We change her diapers every time before or after she naps/sleeps and when she poops

Prior to that Her daily schedule as a 6-month-old infant

Do also note that I’m a stay at home mum who has flexible working hours and have a stay-in helper who helps out with cooking and cleaning chores so I have enough energy to focus on baby stuff! Everyone’s circumstances are different, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.

What’s Changed From Her 6 Month Old Routine?

  • A lot more time spent on feeding – used to be 15-30 mins because she didn’t eat much. But now can be from 30mins to 1 hour, usually because she’s easily distracted by her surroundings.
  • There’s a lot more supervised exploration time outside of her playpen during her waking hours, because she’s just sooooooo eager to explore. It’s seriously way more tiring now than previously, because I have to follow her around everywhere she goes to make sure she doesn’t injure herself.
  • More exploration outdoors too. Thanks to being more experienced, it’s easier to bring her out these days. So I’ve been trying to bring her out as much as I can so she can see more of the world!

Other than that, it’s still pretty much similar to her previous routine which I’m thankful for. Read on to get into the details!

Morning Routine:

7:30 AM: Our day usually begins around 730 AM compared to 700AM when she was slightly younger. As usual, our wake-up routine involves opening the curtains, playing her wake up instrumental music, and giving her a warm “Good morning!” Once she’s awake, I’ll begin pumping while my helper gets her changed out of her diapers and into the outfit for the day.

7:40 AM: Next up would be to feed the hungry baby. Interestingly, it seems that she’s less hungry in the mornings these days after she got used to her solids routine. Nonetheless, we always start the day with a bottle of freshly pumped milk (intake reduced because she’s eating alot more solids now)! My helper and I multitask so that I continue pumping and have my breakfast while she’s getting fed.

7:50 AM: Once she’s done feeding, she gets to have her independent play time. Why independent play? Because I’m usually still pumping, and my helper is getting ready baby’s breakfast next! She loves her books, so we tend to just put a few books with her and she’ll entertain herself. But I usually get into the playpen with her once I’m done pumping too.

8:30 AM: And before we know it, it’s breakfast time! As of 10 months now, we’ve tried 70 different foods so far. And I’m still trying to introduce more foods to her before she reaches 1 year old! Allergens if any, are introduced during breakfast and lunch in small quantities. I usually set her up at the dining table and feed her puree before letting her “play” with her BLW food.

Curious about what you’ll need for a mixed weaning approach? Read more about my Solids Guide here.

Mid-Morning Routine:

9:00 AM: After a quick clean up, she gets to play a little more in the playpen. Or if I’m feeling more well rested, I’ll let her roam around the living area to exercise her hands and legs. Honestly it’s getting quite back breaking following her around as she crawls on sofas, under chairs and tables, and tries to throw things off my pumping trolley.

9:30 AM: It’s time for her first nap of the day. Usually she goes down pretty easily for this. So not much issues. If we’re planning on a lunch outing, then I’ll usually wake her earlier at 7AM, so she can sleep earlier at 9AM and wake up at 10AM. Check out our sleep routine here!

11:00 AM: After about 1.5 hours of rest, she’ll wake up hungry and it’s time for LUNCH! As you can see I’ve swapped around the routine from 6 months because I realized it’s wayyyy easier to feed solids when she’s hungry! After about 30 mins of feeding (while I concurrently eat my lunch too), it’s time for PLAY!

This is when I’ll accompany her in the playpen to either read some books / engage her in some interactive games / sing nursery songs together.

Once to twice a week, we’ll head out for lunch and try to explore a new area. Baby girl gets to explore the outside world, I get to enjoy some outside walking, and my helper gets to explore a new place. Win-win for all of us. But if we do so, I’ll usually replace her LUNCH (solids) with a milk feed instead for convenience.

12:00N: About 1 hour after LUNCH, it’s time for a top up milk feed. Then we’ll have supervised crawling around time. This could be in the living room, my bedroom, or the platform bed in her nursery. Before heading back into the playpen to chill.

1:00 PM: And before you know it, it’s time for her SECOND NAP of the day!

Afternoon Routine:

2:30 PM: After another 1.5 hour restful nap, she wakes up to her third milk feed of the day. After which I’ll be pumping, and she’ll be playing independently for a while.

3:30 PM: Once I’m done pumping, it’s also about time for another milk feed! Then we usually chill together in the playpen and listen to music together.

4:30 PM: It’s time for her last nap of the day. Usually the shortest at 30-45mins. At 10 months, it seems like she’s not tired enough for this nap and takes a while longer to fall asleep – taking only 10-20 mins of nap. Seems like she might be dropping this nap soon.

Evening-Night Routine:

5:15 PM: We’ll wake her up from her nap. Play together in the playpen until 530PM when she gets another milk feed. Then we head to our perfect vantage point on the sofa overlooking the playground downstairs and watch the little kids get off school! Or crawl around the living room again – as you can see it’s her new favourite activity.

6:00 PM: It’s dinner time for the adults! But baby joins us too! Most of the time, we’ll give her a non-salted version of whatever vegetable we’re having for the night to hold and chew on it. Other times, I might add on some form of nut paste to feed her. My little girl is nuts for nuts. Pistachio, peanut, walnut, chestnut, you name it, she loves it. So it’s like a little dessert for her.

630 PM: Once to twice a week during the weekdays, I also like to bring her downstairs after dinner just to take a breather! She seems to quite enjoy watching the other little kids running around the playground, garden, and observing everything around her. I also take the opportunity as a form of exercise for myself.

7:00 PM: This will be the last milk feed of the day before we just chill with instrumental music to wind down for the night. Then we start our night routine around 730 PM – brushing teeth, warm bath, pyjamas & sleep sack, then lullaby and bed by 740ish.

And then it’s time for the adults to unwind and chill for the night too!

For more details, check out our bedtime routine here.

8 Month Old Baby Going Out Routine:

Similarly like when she was younger, we do our best to fit any trips out within her wake times (up to 4 hours). So usually we’ll head out around 10-2pm, 2-5pm, or 5-8pm.

Previously she used to be able to sleep in the car seat/stroller/carrier while on the go. But at this age where she’s super curious about everything, it has been harder to get her to sleep on the go for long.

So far we’ve achieved our goals to bring her out in the evenings (while we have dinner) and also out on vacation to JB (3D2N twice!). Our next goal is a little more lofty – a 1 week vacation overseas by plane! So look out for our update on that!

How Does Your Schedule For An 8 Month Old Baby Look Like?

Every baby is unique, and so is every family’s routine! While this 8 month old baby sample daily schedule works wonders for us, the most important thing is finding a rhythm that fits your amazing little one and your lifestyle.

Remember, mama (or papa!), flexibility is key. Some days of parenthood will be sunshine and snuggles, while others might be a bit more “go with the flow.”, and that’s okay! Just soak in those precious moments, because every day brings new surprises and joys.

Baby Daily Schedule IG Template

Have a different daily schedule for 8 month old or routine that works for you? Download our IG template here or choose to edit it over on Canva and share it with your community on social media! Don’t forget to tag us at @mummy.list on Instagram.

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