Ultimate Baby Proofing Checklist for Singaporean Parents
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The Essential Baby Proofing Checklist for Singaporean Parents

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Alas, you have finally reached the stage where you need a baby proofing checklist. Remember those carefree days before your little one started crawling? Now every corner seems like an “adventure” waiting to happen, and those adorable little fingers can reach places you never thought possible! Don’t worry, mummy & daddy, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, staring at our homes with a newfound sense of danger.

But fear not! Creating a safe haven for your precious one doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This handy baby proofing checklist will guide you through essential steps to transform your home into a worry-free zone (well, almost worry-free – those ninja crawling skills are something else!). Think of it as your guide to peace of mind, with the flexibility to pick and choose what works best for your little explorer and your home layout.

P.S I’m writing this with my own experience in my HDB flat, so parents who stay in landed properties may have a slightly different experience. Please feel free to share any extra tips with me so I can include them to make this a more comprehensive list!

Baby Proofing Checklist: A Room By Room Rundown

Now, let’s get down to business! Here’s a room-by-room breakdown to ensure you don’t miss a single nook or cranny:

Living Room Baby Proofing Checklist

Safety outlet plugs for baby proofing electrical outlets.
  • Outlet Covers: Electrical outlets are a magnet for curious fingers. Cover them with outlet plugs to prevent any potential shocks.
  • Corner Or Sharp Edges Guards: Sharp coffee table edge or a sharp corner of your TV console? Not a chance! Invest in some corner or bumper guards to cushion the blow from any unexpected knocks.
  • Cord Control: Cords dangling from the TV or lamps are a major no-no for curious crawlers. Try cord organizers to keep those wires safely tucked away.
  • Cabinet Safety Latches: Little hands love exploring cabinets – regardless of the contents. Need to keep them away from dangerous items inside drawers or cabinets? Make sure to secure those doors with child safety latches to keep cleaning supplies and other potential hazards out of reach. These transparent ones are the most aesthetic ones I could find!
  • Choking Hazard Patrol: Tiny toys, buttons, and anything else that fits in a mouth needs to be banished (for now!). I always make sure to do a thorough sweep of the living room floor before her wake window and put away anything that could pose a choking risk.

Kitchen / Service Yard:

Safety bumper guards and child safety latches to keep drawers/cabinets securely locked.
  • Lock it Up: Cleaning supplies and chemicals are a recipe for disaster. Invest in child safety latches specifically designed to keep those curious hands out.
  • Sharp Objects Out of Sight: Knives and other sharp utensils should be kept safely out of reach. Consider installing organizers on higher shelves or in locked drawers.
  • Stove Knob: Those tempting stove knobs can turn playtime into a burn hazard. Stove knob covers are a lifesaver! This is up to you but I don’t plan to let her anywhere near the stove.
  • Trash Talk: A secured trash can is a must. Opt for a trash can with a locking lid to keep curious little ones from digging into what shouldn’t be explored.
  • Laundry machines: Washing machines and dryers are fascinating to little ones, but those slamming doors can be dangerous. Make a habit of keeping them closed when not in use.

Nursery Baby Proofing Checklist:

Soft bumper guard for baby proofing in my nursery.
  • Corner Or Sharp Edges Guards: As with any sharp corners in the home, make sure to cover them up with bumper guards to avoid nasty scraps or injuries.
  • Anchored and Secure: Dressers and bookshelves can become toppling hazards for adventurous or climbers. Anchor furniture to the wall for added peace of mind. I’ve not done this yet – but I have very few loose furniture as many are in-built so cannot be toppled.
  • Crib Comfort: Crib bumpers can add a touch of cosiness, but be sure to follow safe sleep guidelines. Remove them once your baby starts to show signs of rolling.
  • Loose Bedding Blues: Loose bedding and pillows can pose a suffocation risk. Keep the crib clear and use a well-fitting sleep sack for warmth.
  • Outlet Covers: Electrical outlets are a magnet for curious fingers. Cover them with outlet plugs to prevent any potential shocks.

Bathroom Checklist::

Non slip mat that is always in use in my bathroom when baby takes a bath.
  • Non-Slip Safety: A non-slip bath mat is essential to prevent slips and falls during bath time. Highly recommended by my confinement nanny who has seen many falls over her years of service.
  • Toilet Seat Lock: A toilet seat lock will prevent little ones from taking an unexpected dip into dirty water – both unhygienic and also a potential drowning risk. I’ve not bought this yet, but it’s in my cart ready to go! In the meantime, we just keep the toilet door closed at all times.
  • Dangerous Chemicals: Keep all medications and toiletries safely out of reach, ideally in a high cabinet or locked drawer. Or use your handy child safety latch.

Windows, Doors & Gates:

  • Window: Secure windows with safety locks or invisible grilles to prevent falls from any open spaces. I’m personally on the lookout for a good brand for safety window locks, if you know of any please recommend me!
  • Stairway Gates: Baby gates are an absolute must-have for any home with stairs. Install them at the top and bottom to prevent falls and keep your little one safely contained. I don’t use this because I don’t have stairs at home – if you know of any really good brands, do share with me!
  • Door Stopper: Slamming doors can be a real shocker for little ones. Invest in some door stoppers to prevent pinched fingers and sudden scares.

Start Baby Proofing Your Home – One Step At A Time

Baby proofing is all about creating a safe environment for your little explorer to thrive. This checklist is a great starting point, but don’t be afraid to customize it based on your specific home layout and your baby’s development.

If all these seem a little overwhelming, just approach it one step at a time or one room at a time. I was very stressed out about baby proofing everything until I realized, I can just monitor her while I wait to slowly put everything in place. At the end of the day, even with the best baby proofing measures in place, remember that constant adult supervision is key!

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