Welcome to Mummy List’s Resources Hub! This is a curated collection of invaluable resources from websites, webinars, and YouTube videos and more accumulated from my personal pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Whether you’re an expectant parent or navigating the beautiful chaos of early parenthood, I hope these pregnancy resources will be a source of knowledge, support, and inspiration for you too.


Mummylist Pregnancy & Baby Printables

As part of my way of giving back to the community of first-time mothers, I’ve gathered all my information and knowledge and put them together into simple and easy to use free printables for your pregnancy and baby needs! So go ahead and download them for your personal use!


Fertility Support SG

When I was first starting doing IUIs, I found this group via a forum, and joined their WhatsApp group to get to know other women going through the infertility journey. The support and knowledge of the group really helped me get through the tough times. They also have an Instagram Page and Facebook Group.

Clarity Singapore

I reached out to them for mental health support during my IVF treatments and pregnancy because I was hoping to find a counsellor that was more familiar with the stressors in these specific fields. They have been very helpful and I cannot recommend them more to women who might need similar support.

15 Minute Beauty

A website that offers extremely detailed information on pregnancy and nursing safe beauty and skincare products. I relied on this extensively and revamped my skincare and beauty products during IVF, pregnancy, and postpartum.

Bao Zhong Tang

I tried at least two other popular TCM clinics before coming to Bao Zhong Tang after 2-3+ years of trying to conceive (3 rounds of SO-IUI). My physician was Dr. Chen Jia Yi who helped me improve my body condition with the help of prescribed TCM herbal medication and acupuncture prior to my IVF treatments. I personally do feel like her treatments helped contribute to my success on my first try.


Mothercare Nursery Advisor

As a first time mother, I was as clueless as can be as to what to buy for the baby. When I chanced upon Mothercare’s Nursery Advisor programme I could not believe my luck! It’s essentially a complimentary personal shopping session for baby products. We were also super lucky to meet William (Paragon outlet) who was THE BEST ADVISOR anyone could ask for. He patiently went through the categories of items I was clueless about and shared the different options, and giving us advice along the way. Bonus: We got a small goodie bag at the end of the session too!

Freshen.Ja (Deep Cleaning Service)

An affordable deep cleaning service I found on Carousell to come by the home for a deep cleaning session. The team was especially accommodating to have their staff do an ART test before coming down and keeping their mask on as I did it just one week before delivery.


Glucose Goddess

After being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes, I made an effort to read up and learn what could help me manage my blood sugar levels. Glucose goddess’s IG page was a great resource where I incorporated lots of her tips towards helping bring down my blood sugar levels!


Heng Foh Tong

A Chinese Medical Hall which offers confinement packages for herb to consume and shower with. It was convenient purchasing from them by browsing their packages online. Personalization based on taste preferences and bodily requirements were also easily communicated via WhatsApp. The herbs were delivered well packaged and my confinement nanny was able to use them without issue.


Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (BMSG)

A local support group that offers support for breastfeeding mothers. I joined their Facebook group to learn more from other mothers’ experiences as a silent reader. When I started breastfeeding postpartum, I also reached out to them several times via their WhatsApp counselling services to ask specific questions.

Mama Jo (Lactation Support & Massage Therapist)

She was the first lactation masseur I reached out to for help with my first bout of engorgement in my first week postpartum. I am super thankful to her for all her selfless sharing about how to build my milk supply, how to resolve engorgement and clogged ducts issues. And not to mention her gentle techniques that never fail to relieve me of my pain.

MWellness (Mummy Wellness & Postpartum Recovery Solutions)

I was first introduced to them by a friend for postnatal massages, but discovered they also offered gentle and painless breast massages. They were a great alternative for when Mama Jo was booked up, but eventually became my main go-to masseur. I’ve signed up packages with them at least thrice throughout my postpartum journey so far so you can tell I’m a happy customer. They also offer a variety of postpartum recovery solutions but I’ve not personally tried those out yet.


Taking Cara Babies

Very useful free blog articles that provide information about baby sleep, and actionable guides to follow. I used this to help develop good sleeping habits for my baby from birth


Baby Carriers Rental SG

As a FTM I was not confident in baby carrying for fear of hurting baby. Hence I reached out to consultant Fion who helped me gain more confidence by teaching me how to use the carriers I had in person. Furthermore, she introduced me to a brand of carrier that was more suitable for my petite physique. Now I’m able to bring baby out comfortably and confidently!


Pregnancy & Postpartum TV YouTube Channel

Pre-pregnancy, I used to do Pilates at a studio for almost 2 years which helped my back pain issues immensely. During pregnancy I continued pilates classes at a studio to help cope with all the aching pains that comes with pregnancy to great effect. Naturally, I also turned to pilates as a way to heal my body once more postpartum. However because I did not want to spend time away from baby, I opted to follow routines online! My search led me to this YouTube channel which has a great variety of short 20-30 minute workouts of varying intensity, modified specially for postpartum mothers.