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Newborn Checklist: An SG Mum’s Go-To Guide

I only recommend products and services that I use myself. This post contains affiliate links. If I you use these links to buy something I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you to support the on-going maintenance of the site. You can read the full disclaimer here.

Hey there, fellow Singaporean mummies and daddies to be! Are you buzzing with excitement but also feeling a tad overwhelmed about welcoming your little bundle of joy? Fear not! I’ve got you covered with this super handy “newborn checklist” with my personal choices which I used (or am still using).

Crafted based on my personal experiences, this first-time parent shopping list is packed with all the newborn essentials you’ll need to get prepped for this incredible journey.

Here’s your infant checklist starter kit! Get ready to tick off all the newborn essentials, categorized for simplicity and ease!

Build your own list with the help our our downloadable EXCEL newborn checklist template below.

Download this printable here! But for more personalized recommendations for each item, like which brand to choose and more, read on for more details.

Feeding & Pumping Accessories

First things first, let’s talk feeding and pumping essentials – easily one of the biggest part of early parenthood. Here’s the lowdown on what you’ll need to make sure your little one is well-fed and happy.

For Most Mums

Feeding Bottles:  Pigeon Softtouch Wide Neck PPSU bottles are my (or rather baby’s) top choice after trying out a variety of different brands. I prefer wide neck bottles for ease of washing. Snag them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Milk Warmer: The Philip Avent milk warmer is a game-changer for a hassle-free feeding. It gently, quickly (super important!), and evenly warms milk to the perfect temperature, ensuring your baby enjoys their meals without the risk of hotspots. Get yours here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Steam/UV Sterilizer: The Haemin 4G keeps those bottles squeaky clean, dry, and germ-free, providing peace of mind that your baby’s bottles are sterile and safe. It’s so easy to use both my nanny and helper had no issue picking it up even without the manual. Click to buy on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Pregnancy Nursing Pillow: Nursing pillows help to reduces strain on your arms and back, making breastfeeding or bottle-feeding a more comfortable experience. After using this upon my nanny’s recommendation, it really helped with my sore arms and neck that arose due to improper posture during feeding sessions. Snag it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Baby Bouncer: After feeding, this bouncer is the perfect spot for your baby to relax in a slightly elevated position to reduce spit ups from reflux. It has 3 elevation levels, so it has reasonable mileage up until they are bigger even at 6 months old. Get it here on SHOPEE.

Burp Cloths: Soft, absorbent, and gentle on your baby’s skin, Little Rei X Maison Q ‘s burp cloths are perfect for cleaning up after feeding time. Available here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Bottle & Nipple Brush (for washing): Keeping feeding bottles clean is non-negotiable. Pigeon’s bottle and nipple brushes are designed to reach every corner of your baby’s bottles, ensuring thorough cleaning. Their durable sponges effectively remove residue without scratching, making them a practical choice for health-conscious parents. Bottle brush available here and nipple brush here.

Baby Liquid Cleanser (for washing bottles): For washing your baby’s feeding accessories, Bzu Bzu’s baby liquid cleanser is safe and effective. It’s formulated to be gentle on your baby’s bottles and your hands, while tough on milk residue and bacteria. Purchase here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Bottle drying storage: Keep those bottles organized and ready for the next feed with this handy storage solution. Find it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

For Pumping Mums

Hospital Grade Breast Pump: The Spectra S1 has been a popular choice among mums for years for good reason. Known for its powerful yet gentle suction, adjustable settings, and quiet operation, it is MY go-to pump for regular and efficient pumping sessions especially for first-time mothers. Fun fact, I have TWO! Find it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Pump Accessories: Compatibility and convenience are key when it comes to pump accessories. Maymom’s range, fully compatible with Spectra pumps, offers everything from flanges to tubing, ensuring a seamless pumping experience. Bonus? It’s more affordable too! I love getting mine from this seller who’s available on both platforms because shipping is quick! Shop now on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Milk Storage Bottles: For me, Autumnz milk storage bottles are my top choice for storing expressed breast milk. They’re durable, easy to clean, and affordable enough to get multiple sets for convenience.  Get them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Milk Storage Bag – Sunmum: When you’re on the go or need to store milk in the fridge or freezer, Sunmum’s leak-proof storage bags are invaluable. They come with triple lock zips, ability to pack flat, and are some of the most affordable on the market. I’ve tried more than 6 brands and they are my favourite by far. Buy now on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Separate Milk Freezer (Optional) – Powerpac: If you are an oversupply mummy, this freezer is your best buddy. It gives you extra space to store all that precious liquid gold. Check it out on SHOPEE | LAZADA

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Bath & Baby Care

Bath time is not just about cleanliness. It’s a special bonding moment with your baby. Here’s what you need for a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience.

Baby Bath Tub: Skiphop’s baby bath tub’s ergonomic design cradles your baby perfectly, making bath time a stress-free experience for both of you. Perfect for FTM like myself who are unable to hold onto baby while showering her. Buy it on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Bathing Support / Bath Seat: If your tub doesn’t come with one, a bath seat is crucial for extra support. It helps hold your baby safely while you do the washing.

Wash Cloth: Soft washcloths are essential for gently cleaning your baby’s delicate skin. Get a few to rotate while they are in the wash.

Towel: Wrap your baby up in the soft embrace of a Mothercare hooded towel after bath time. It’s gentle on the skin, highly absorbent, and large enough to keep baby warm. Snag it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Body Soap & Shampoo: Mustela’s all in one soap and shampoo are formulated to be gentle on your baby’s skin while leaving them fresh and clean. Easy choice to use. Have been using since newborn days and works great for us. Available on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Oil, Cream & Lotions : Recommended by PD for baby’s random dry patches. Physio A.I is an effective moisturizing cream keeps my baby’s skin soft and hydrated. It’s perfect for daily use and use on face (which not many creams are suitable for). Grab it now on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Oil, Cream & Lotions: QV is another great and more affordable option for keeping your baby’s skin nourished and moisturized. I use this for baby’s body while I use Physio A.I for face. Check it out on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Comb / Brush: Gently care for your baby’s hair and scalp with a soft-bristled baby comb or brush. I got one but haven’t used yet as baby doesn’t have much hair 😛

Baby Hygiene

Ensuring your baby’s hygiene is paramount for their comfort and health. Here’s a breakdown of the hygiene heroes you’ll need, each playing a crucial role in your newborn’s care.

Baby Wet Wipes: Ideal for delicate newborn skin, Water Wipes are known for being exceptionally gentle yet effective to keep your baby’s butt clean. I especially love their large size, moisture level and thickness. Other brands that I’ve tried are always either too thin, too small, or too dry. Get them on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Diapers: Merries (tape) diapers stand out for their softness, absorbency, and skin-friendly design, making them a preferred choice to prevent leaks and keep your baby dry and comfortable. Get some samples from the popular brands and see what suits your baby’s butt best! We tried about 4 other brands before we settled on Merries. Snag them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Diaper Cream / Balms: Sudocrem is renowned for its effectiveness in preventing and treating diaper rash. Its soothing properties make it a safe and reliable option for sensitive baby skin. It’s the only cream that worked for my baby’s diaper rash. And I also use it to treat random milk rashes or drool rashes on different parts of her body. Available on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Cotton Balls / Pads: These cotton balls from Pigeon are essential for gentle cleaning, whether during diaper changes or bath time. They are soft, hygienic, and perfect for your newborn’s delicate areas. Buy them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Changing Mat: A changing mat is indispensable for convenient diaper changes, wherever you are. Initially we used portable changing mat to change baby right in her cot. Eventually we graduated to using a padded changing mat next to her bed when she became more mobile. Check out options ON SHOPEE | LAZADA.

Baby Oral Wipes: Nuk oral wipes are designed to gently clean your baby’s mouth, ensuring oral hygiene from the start. Get them on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Facial Tissue: These tissues are soft and gentle, ideal for wiping your baby’s face and hands, keeping them clean and refreshed. Find them here on SHOPEE

Baby Nail Scissors: Pigeon’s baby nail scissors are specifically designed for safety and precision, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience for both you and your baby. My husband couldn’t stop raving about it when he started using it. Available on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Liquid Detergent: This detergent is formulated to be gentle on your baby’s clothes and skin. I’ve been using it since baby was born and it has worked effectively for us. Purchase on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Sleep Essentials

Ensuring your little one gets a good night’s sleep is crucial for their development. Here’s a breakdown of the sleep essentials for peaceful nights, forming a key part of your “newborn checklist”:

Baby Cot/Crib/Co-sleeper: Beblum’s cot is designed for safety and comfort, making it a nursery dream. Not only that, it is extremely versatile and able to convert from cot to co-sleeper, playpen, toddler bed, and even table and chair as the kid grows. Find it on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Cot Mattress: We got Beblum’s cot mattress as a package with the cot. Our friends highly recommended it, and since they have good sleepers, we opted to go with the same. Check it out here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Mattress Sheets : Soft and gentle, Mothercare’s sheets are perfect for delicate skin, while Hello from Woodlands offers beautiful prints that I couldn’t resist. Both brands ensure a snug, comfortable fit for a restful sleep. I know because baby has been a great sleeper since young. Mothercare sheets on Shopee | Hello from The Woodlands sheets available here.

Waterproof Mattress Protector: A must-have for “bed accident” protection, Cleavamama’s waterproof protector keeps the mattress dry and hygienic. It was out of stock for the longest time because it’s so popular so make sure you get yours if you see it! Get it on SHOPEE

Head Shaping Pillow (Optional): Cleavamama’s pillow is designed to prevent flat spots, supporting your baby’s head shape as they grow. I used it only under supervision during day time naps! Quick to dry after handwashing. Snag it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Monitors : I started with Xiao Mi’s visual and audio monitor, which came with baby crying and movement detection alerts. Also has great night vision mode. Plus it’s super affordable. Later I used Philip Avent’s audio-only option for night-time because it was not realistic to keep my Xiao Mi app on my phone on throughout the night. Still using them both. Xiao Mi on Shopee | Philip Avent available on Shopee.

White Noise Machine: One of my best sleep buys! ORIA’s white noise machine creates a calming environment, aiding your baby’s sleep. I got the Square one! Check it out on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Pacifiers (Optional): Nuk pacifiers can be a soothing tool for some babies, helping them fall asleep more easily. We used them for about 1-2 months before baby weaned off pacifiers entirely but this was one pacifier type she preferred over the other brands we got. Buy them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

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Storage & Organization Essentials

A well-organized nursery is essential for a smooth daily routine with your little one. In our “newborn checklist,” we’ve included key storage solutions to help keep everything in order and easily accessible:

Storage Trolley (Optional): A mobile storage trolley allows you to have all your baby essentials within reach, no matter where you are in your home. Perfect for storing and transporting everything from diapers to toys, it’s a versatile piece that helps keep the nursery clutter-free. Get it on SHOPEE

Cabinets (Optional): JIJI SG’s affordable cabinets are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with your nursery decor. They offer ample space to store all your baby essentials, from clothes to bedding, ensuring that everything is organized and easy to find. Find it here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Drawer Dividers (Optional): These dividers are a game-changer for keeping smaller items like socks, bibs, and burp cloths organized. By compartmentalizing your drawers, they make it easier to locate and access these everyday essentials, saving you time and hassle. Available on SHOPEE

Baby Clothing Essentials

Dressing your newborn is about combining comfort with cuteness. In our “newborn checklist,” we’ve gathered essential clothing items that are perfect for your little one.

Daywear : Mothercare is renowned for its comfortable and stylish baby clothes, making their daywear perfect for everyday wear. Soft fabrics and practical designs ensure your baby is comfy and cute all day long. Shop the collection here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

For that extra touch of style and luxury, Raph & Remy offers soft, high-quality daywear that’s both fashionable and gentle on your baby’s skin. Find their collection here.

Sleepwear (Pyjamas): A good night’s sleep starts with comfortable pyjamas. Mothercare’s quality sleepwear is not only soft, but packed with easy to use features like built-in mittens, covered feet, and more. Buy them on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Sleepwear (Zip Up Swaddles): Zip-up swaddles from Sunday Hugs and Mum’s Precious offer easy, comfortable swaddling solutions. These are great for noob first time parents like myself who cannot be bothered with cloth swaddling as compared to my nanny. Works great for baby’s moro reflex. Shop Sunday Hugs | Mum’s Precious on Shopee.

Sleepwear (Cloth Swaddles): For traditional swaddling, these cloth swaddles are a must-have. Little Rei x Maison Q’s are so luxuriously soft, and come in beautiful designs. Even though I have a variety of options from different brands, these are my nanny’s top choice over and over again. Purchase here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Mittens/Socks – Mothercare: Protect your baby’s delicate hands and feet with Mothercare’s mittens and socks, essential for preventing scratches and keeping them cozy. Grab them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

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On The Go Essentials

Heading out with your newborn is an adventure made easy with these essential items. Each one in this newborn checklist is carefully selected to ensure convenience, safety, and comfort for both you and your baby:

Diaper Bag: Spacious and well-organized, Anello’s diaper bag make carrying baby essentials effortless, ensuring everything you need is at your fingertips. We got it free with our UV sterilizer purchase and have been using it since. Find it on Shopee.

Car Seat: Safety is paramount, and Joie’s car seats are top-notch in this regard. We have an older car model so we only could get non-isofix models which doesn’t come with the 360 spin option. Nonetheless we have gotten used to putting her in and out of it. Seems comfy too as she barely fusses whenever she’s in it. Purchase here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Stroller: I went for this particular Joie strollers after trying it out at Mothercare’s outlet. It’s lightweight enough for me, easy to open and close, and manoeuvre. Also I was looking for something with full recline feature and infant insert, but we didn’t really use it in the first month. Available on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Carrier (For Mum): The Mini monkey is a lightweight full mesh carrier that works perfect for mothers with a petite frame like me. Also perfect for hot outings in the day. I was introduced to it after I struggled using the ergobaby. Get it here on SHOPEE

Baby Carrier (For Dad): The Ergobaby is a great carrier for my husband compared to me. Hence it ended up as his carrier. If budget allows, it’s easier to have different carriers if you have very different frames, as it is likely different carriers would be more comfortable for you. Buy on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Drool Pads: A simple yet effective solution for keeping your carrier clean. These pads are easy to wash and quick to replace, making them a must-have for any outing. We also use them on our stroller straps. Find them on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Portable Mini Fans (for Stroller and Carrier): Keep your baby cool during outdoor excursions with these convenient fans. They’re a simple addition that can make a significant difference in your baby’s comfort. Trust me, just get them! Singapore is way too hot to travel outdoors without a fan. Stroller fan available here on SHOPEE | Carrier fan on LAZADA.

Milk Powder Container: For hassle-free feeding on the go, this container keeps your formula dry and ready to use.

Thermos (for Hot Water): A thermos is essential for preparing warm bottles anywhere via the old school method. I got one as a gift but it’s unbranded so can’t recommend any particular brand.

Portable Milk Bottle Warmer (Optional): If you prefer quick and convenient milk warming, and don’t mind spending abit more, you can consider this! I personally don’t use one.

Virus Protection: Protecting your baby from germs is crucial, especially when traveling. Happy Noz offers effective protection, keeping your baby safe from harmful viruses. I honestly don’t get the science behind, but I just use it nonetheless and baby has been healthy so far. Get it on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Insect Repellent: Don’t let bugs ruin your outdoor adventures. Cloversoft repellent is safe and effective, ensuring your baby stays bite-free. I use this everytime we go to a park and she doesn’t get any bites. Available here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

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Health Essentials

Maintaining your baby’s health is crucial, especially in their early months. Our “newborn checklist” includes essential infant health items, each carefully selected to ensure your little one stays in top shape.

Thermometer (Ear): Braun’s ear thermometer is a reliable tool for quick and accurate temperature readings, a must in monitoring your baby’s health. Its precision and ease of use make it a top choice for parents. Find it on SHOPEE

Thermometer (Forehead): For a non-intrusive temperature check (at night), Braun’s forehead thermometer is ideal. It offers precise readings while being gentle on your baby, making it a stress-free option for health checks. Purchase here on SHOPEE

Snot Sucker: The Chiboji snot sucker is an essential item for clearing stuffy noses, especially during colds or allergies. Its gentle suction is safe for newborns, helping to clear nasal passages effectively. Bought it for standby as per other mummies recommendations but yet to use it on baby. Available on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Baby Probiotics: Prescribed by PD after a loose stools episode, Biogaia probiotics have helped baby’s digestive health since. Get them here on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Ridding Baby Wind / Colic: Ridwind is an effective solution for soothing colic and relieving wind, a common discomfort in newborns. Its gentle formula is safe and trusted by parents for providing relief to their little ones. Works like a charm for us whenever baby has gas issues. Buy it on SHOPEE | LAZADA

Newborn Checklist Template For You!

Ready to customize your own newborn essentials list? Get started with our newborn checklist template here!

Simply download my pre-filled Excel template, complete with personal recommendations and brand insights. It’s a great starting point to build your unique checklist!

Armed with this comprehensive newborn checklist, you’re all set to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Remember, every baby is unique, so feel free to adapt this list to suit your little one’s needs. Happy parenting!

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