100 Day Baby Celebration Guide in Singapore

My Guide to A Fuss Free 100 Day Baby Celebration in Singapore

I remember being in the throes of postpartum exhaustion and wondering, “Where will I find the energy to plan a 100 day baby celebration?” and “Where do I even begin?”. So here’s my way of giving back to the mummy community in Singapore by sharing all the research I did for my own 100 day baby celebration so you can have a fuss-free preparation journey for a memorable celebration! I’ve even included a cost breakdown as reference for you too!

100 Day Baby Celebration Vs Full Month Celebration

I didn’t think so much to be honest. I was just wary of having a big celebration at the one month mark when baby was still so small and vulnerable. Hence I pushed back to the next possible milestone which was the 100 day celebration.

Here were some of my main considerations that I weighed against each other before coming to the conclusion to go with the 100 day milestone instead:

Full Month Celebration100 Day Baby Celebration
– Baby will be too young (too much health risk)
– Wake times for baby too erratic, will be mostly sleeping
– Too rushed to plan
– I’ll still be in pain from my recovery
– Baby will be slightly older
– Wake times for baby will be less erratic, might be able to interact
– 2 more months to plan
– I’ll be in better condition with more recuperation time (hence better photos)

Deciding On Guestlist & Date

The very first thing to do before you even consider anything else is to decide on your guest list and set a date for the celebration. All your other vendors will need a date to work off, so don’t bother sourcing without confirming this first.

To set your date, you’ll need to give a heads up to your guests first, so they can block out the date for you. So you need to start with your guest list.

In my case, even at 100 days, I still want to make sure baby isn’t exposed to too many people, hence I decided on limiting it to family only. Hence my guestlist was around 30-40 pax.

Once I had my list, I just sent out a Whatsapp message to everyone to confirm their availability on the date I wanted. Fortunately everyone could make it. If not, I would have provided an alternative date to see how many people could attend on each date.

Choosing the Ideal 100 Day Baby Celebration Venue

The next step would be the venue. And as I was researching for options, these were the most common venue categories I came across:

Venue TypePros Cons
Condo Function Rooms– If it is your home, then it’s ideal because it’s in close proximity
– Reasonable fees
– Not everyone has access to condo function rooms
– Most limited capacity
HDB Void Decks / Common Areas– Close proximity to home
– Affordable fees
– Need to rent tables & chairs
– Subject to weather conditions
Hotel Function / Ballrooms– Air conditioned
– Large space
– Expensive
Cafes / Restaurants– No need to fuss about catering
– Might be costly if need to book out space
Event Spaces– Many options depending on your needs– Those catering to corporate events might have higher rates

As an ex-marketer who is used to organizing events, I immediately opted to look for event spaces that might fit my ideal aesthetic and had enough capacity.

Some of my main considerations when looking for the venue included:

  • Reasonable pricing (anything more than $150/hour would be too costly for my budget)
  • Easy access for guests (this included MRT and parking access)
  • Comes with table & chairs so I did not need to incur additional costs
  • Close proximity to home so I could ferry baby to and fro easily
  • Able to accommodate 30-40 pax comfortably
  • Air conditioned
  • Nice aesthetics

With the help of platforms like Tagvenue and Venuerific, I managed to find a cozy venue that was just right for our small but heartwarming celebration.

Hot tip: Unless you have a lot of friends and family to help, I would recommend opting for the venues cleaning fee option, so you don’t have to fuss about anything after the event.

Finding the Right Caterer

My husband and I love food and enjoy indulging in good food with family and friends. Hence getting the right caterer was a key priority for us for the 100 day celebration.

100 Days Celebration Catering From Chili Api

Here were some options that I found during my research:

After asking around with family, friends, and plenty of fellow mummies, we went with the popular choice Chili Api for their SEDAP MODERN PERANAKAN HIGH TEA Menu!

Our feedback? It was a rousing success! Our guests loved the food and were happy to takeaway the excess. We, ourselves took home enough to have round 2 for dinner. The reason we had lots of extra was because my husband is a perpetual over orderer – but hey everyone managed to clear it ALL!

Pro tip: Bring your own takeaway boxes and bags because apparently catering companies these days no longer provide them. I was so lucky my PEM confinement nanny had the foresight to bring lots of those so we could ensure no food was wasted!

Selecting a Memorable Birthday Cake

A cake is the centrepiece of any celebration. And I honestly wanted something pretty looking for the gram! At the same time, we also needed something low-sugar because of my gestational diabetes and that more than half our guests were elderly.

Our two shortlisted cake vendors were Delcies and Bob The Baker Boy because we had enjoyed their low sugar option cakes before and love their beautiful customized cake designs.

In the end we went with Bob The Baker Boy because my husband had a personal preference for their cake (I didn’t!). I gave him my Pinterest design inspiration and asked him to handle it. And little did I know, we ended paying $400+ for a two tier 3 kg cake. Now that I know, I’ll definitely be in charge of cake ordering in the future.

On hindsight, I decided that I wouldn’t choose to customize the design of the cake too much or order something so big. Fortunately, the cake was super yummy and we had plenty of cake to go around (many elderly even asked for seconds) and even to bring home for dessert.

100 Day Birthday Cake from Bob The Baker Boy

Dressing Your Baby for the Day

Finding the perfect outfit for your baby can be a delightful part of the planning process. After endless nights of scrolling through the app, I ended up buying three outfits to ensure the perfect fit. This not only gave us options for the day but also adorable outfits for future occasions (she ended wearing another one for CNY).

I quite liked the designs of the clothes from these two shops in particular which I would recommend. Check them out for fancy attires suitable for a 100 day baby celebration:

I didn’t bother getting anything new for myself and my husband, but we just found matching colour outfits we had to match the dress we chose for baby in the end. But if you plan to get matching attires, it could be nice for the photos too!

Baby Attire For 100 Days Celebration

Party Decorations For Event

Party decoration brings life to your celebration, creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere. I knew from the start that I wanted a pretty photo backdrop so I set about looking for an affordable fuss-free option.

There are typically three main options that people choose from:

Party Décor OptionsConsiderations
Party PlannerMost fuss free option. Share with them your vision and they will help bring it to life with minimal effort required on your side. However, this usually costs the most.

Those that I enquired costs from $800 onwards for the most basic set ups. Mind you, this is just for the décor (party planning not included).
Party Décor VendorThis is the next best fuss free option as more coordination might be required if you are hiring more than one vendor.

Best case scenario, you find a party décor vendor who can do everything from balloon setup, photo backdrop, and dessert table and more. Pricing is mostly more affordable than party planners. However there is a range of pricing depending on their design, expertise and level of complexity.

Based on my enquires, prices ranged from $300+ to $700 for basic foam board set up with a balloon arch.
DIY (Usually from Taobao)This is the most effort option (I highly recommend only going this route if you have people to help out) or if you are not planning to do a balloon set up.

If you are just using foamboard backdrops, then there are significant savings. But if you plan to have balloons garlands too, then I would say the time spent will nett off your money saved.

What I Chose In The End?

In the end, I chose an in between option of engaging an affordable party décor vendor and adding on to the design with my own foam board designs from Taobao!

I chose a professional photo backdrop setup from @bloonies.sg, a party décor I found on Carousell, which was a breeze. This is a vendor I would highly recommend. The vendor (Ivan) was extremely helpful in coming up with a mock up based on my requests, and even suggested ways I can save costs. He and his partner were punctual for the setup on the day, and was very prompt in the set-up. The final product was absolutely stunning and I loved that it gave me plenty of beautiful photos for the day.

On top of the main design, I also opted to add some playful bunny foam boards from Taobao (忘仔旗舰店) for a more complex design. This was super cheap compared to getting it in SG, but required quite a bit of effort to discuss with the seller and also had to set up ourselves on the day.

Sending Out Digital Invites

Once I had my details settled, I made sure to quickly create a digital invite to send out to everyone via Whatsapp to remind them of the event, and sharing details of how to get there.

For this, I just used one of the free templates on Canva, and made some quick personalization. Absolutely fuss free.

Planning the Event Timeline

I wanted to keep the celebration short and sweet so that baby would not be over tired. As such our celebration was planned to last about two hours, a sweet spot that included dining, photo sessions, and cake cutting, all without overwhelming our little one.

However, do note that there is set up time prior to the event, and tear down/clean up time required post event. These will count for your venue rental timing, so do factor that into your planning.

My 100 Day Baby Celebration Timeline (4 hours):

1pm: Set Up (Party Décor & Caterer Set Up). I went earlier with my helper to supervise the set ups and await the cake arrival, while she helped me sanitize the venue and set up bunny foamboards.

130pm: Baby Arrives (with nanny and husband)

2pm: Official Party Starts. Guests start streaming in. Everyone gets food, drinks and socialize.

3pm: “Birthday” Song and Photo Ops. Gathering different groups of people to take photos.

330pm: Dabao catering food. Catering company came by to pick up the food around 4pm.

4pm: Farewell for guests. Party décor tear down. Great option to offer guests to take away balloons with them so their kids can have fun with them! Husband sends baby and nanny home.

5pm: Throw food rubbish and vacate the premises. Did not need to clean up after (if not it would have taken longer)

Capturing the Moment: Photography and Videography

Whether you hire a professional or go the DIY route, capturing this day is a must. I reached out to a few event photographers, but did not manage to engage one in time. Hence I tasked a cousin to help me capture the important photos during the day. Also, I had a proper photo op session during cake cutting so I had plenty of photos to remember the day by.

Cost Breakdown For My 100 Day Baby Celebration

Need a cost reference to see how much to budget for your celebration? Here’s mine for a quick reference.

Event Cost BreakdownCost (SGD)
Venue (4 hours + cleaning fee) $555
Caterer (for 40 pax + drinks + extra 20 chair rental + delivery)$847
Cake (2 tier 3 kg customized cake)$423
Birthday Attire (3 dresses)$34
Party Décor (Foamboard backdrop + balloons + DIY add ons)~$400

Want to save costs for your celebration? Here are some things you can consider:

  • Host at home to save on venue costs
  • Instead of catering, cook for your guests
  • Order a one tier non-customized cake and add on toppers for decoration instead
  • DIY your party decor or opt for something minimal

However do note that these will require a correspondingly higher level of effort to plan and execute.


Planning your baby’s 100-day celebration is an act of love, a way to honour the journey so far and to look forward with hope and joy. Every decision, from the venue to the cake, contributes to creating a day that’s as unique and special as your little one. Also, it can be as stressful or fuss-free as you choose for it to be.

So, take a deep breath, embrace the planning process, and remember: at the heart of this celebration is the love that surrounds your baby. Here’s to making beautiful memories!

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