My FREE Doctor Anywhere Baby Vaccinations Journey
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My FREE Doctor Anywhere Baby Vaccinations Journey (Review)

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“I didn’t know I could do my baby vaccinations at home instead of the polyclinic/GP/PD.” That is one of the most common responses I get when I tell my friends and family that we have been getting all of baby’s vaccinations at home. The next question then is usually, “How do you do it?”. So here’s an article to help further spread awareness about getting a free Doctor Anywhere baby vaccination for your child.

Why I Chose To Do Baby Vaccinations At Home?

Amidst the spike in COVID-19 cases, I was genuinely worried about bringing wee little baby out to crowded places like the polyclinic and even the PD. After a harrowing first trip post-birth to my PD’s where there was a huge scare because a parent came in with a kid who was suspected of HFMD, I decided to look for alternatives. My PEM confinement nanny then, told me that there are such home-based services which her other mummies and daddies had used.

A quick google search showed a few options and I reached out to them all. The fastest to reply me was Doctor Anywhere. After enquiring around friends and mummy groups, I decided to go ahead with them.

What is Doctor Anywhere?

Doctor Anywhere is a comprehensive platform offering various medical services, including child vaccinations. I personally use it as my primary online GP for small ailments like cough / flu/ food poisioning etc. because of the convenience of not having to leave home to see the doctor. Hence, it was a pleasant surprise to see that they offered baby vaccinations too!

What particularly stood out to me was that it was FREE OF CHARGE*! This promise of convenience without any additional cost—was a major plus compared to visiting a paediatrician or a polyclinic for me.

*I wrote in via Whatsapp to ask if it was free because my understanding was that it’s normally offered via corporate program and they kindly extended it to me. But I do know of many other mummies who have it free as well!

Initial Concerns About Home-Based Baby Vaccinations

When I first enquired about this service on mummy groups, some mother’s brought up certain concerns. Two of which were quite important to me.

  • That the vaccines used by home-based services may not be as “fresh” because they don’t have enough volume as compared to polyclinics / GPs / PDs
  • Nurses with the home-based services are not as experienced as those at polyclinics

I brought up the first concern with Doctor Anywhere over their official WhatsApp channel, and they assured me that “they don’t use expired products and the manufacturers guarantee the efficacy of the products up until the expiry dates”.

The second concern, was allayed by a few other mummies who did not find any issues in their personal experience, so I decided to go ahead with the first appointment first and see how it goes. Since there’s no commitment required to sign up for ALL the vaccinations at one go, you can always switch back to polyclinic /GP / PD whenever you like.

Scheduling First Appointment

The initial step of updating my baby’s information on Doctor Anywhere was a bit tedious. But I understood that it is necessary to provide the team with all the necessary information. Hence I outsourced it to my husband to take and upload pictures of the health booklet, and fill in all the necessary details.

Then it was finding a suitable appointment date for the very first vaccination – the 2 month vaccination. Because we did not have to head out, we just picked a date that my husband was working from home to kickstart the process. See how convenient? Don’t need to waste leave days.

Baby Vaccination Experience At 2, 4 & 6 Months Old

Prior to the vaccination date, you’ll receive an SMS update on a rough timing to expect the nurse or doctor who will be coming to your home. On the day itself, you’ll receive another update of their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Our nurse also includes instructions like withholding milk feeding during which timing for Rotavirus vaccination as well.

For our case, we had the same nurse for baby’s 2nd, 4th and 6th month vaccinations so far. We really appreciate the consistency of having the same nurse for each visit, which provided a sense of familiarity and continuity.

Our experience with our assigned nurse has been nothing short of amazing. She is professional, always going through in detail all the vaccinations that she’ll providing for the day, noting down the vaccines used, and offering advice on what to do in case of side-effects. Her skilled approach also made the vaccination process smoother for my baby, who barely cried during the sessions. And last but not least she’s approachable and friendly, such that we don’t feel uncomfortable in asking her questions.

The best thing about the experience? We are able to distract baby easily during the session with her favourite toys, and are able to provide comfortable after-care for my baby immediately after a shot.

Pros & Cons of Using Doctor Anywhere for Baby Vaccinations

In my case the pros far outweighed cons (if any at all).

Pros (Benefits)

  • Time-saving – no travelling or long waits at the polyclinics / GP / PDs
  • Less hassle – no need to pack or prepare things for going out
  • Familiar environment – baby is more comfortable and hence less jittery about getting her jabs
  • No additional cost for all the above benefits

Cons (Disadvantages)

While I personally did not face any challenges with Doctor Anywhere, I am aware of incidents with other home vaccination services, such as incorrect administration. This highlights the importance of being vigilant and double-checking the vaccines being used. Hence I’m very thankful for our assigned nurse for always showing me what she’s administering and taking note of the expiry date.

Personal Reflections and Recommendations

Reflecting on my experience with Doctor Anywhere, I highly recommend their services for baby vaccinations. The convenience, professionalism, and safety it provided were invaluable. I encourage parents to consider Doctor Anywhere for a hassle-free and secure vaccination journey for their little ones.

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