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Beblum Lavo 5 Review: A Singaporean Mum’s Must-Have Cot

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Hi fellow mums & dads! I’m Elissa, a first-time IVF mummy to a now 10-month-old angel of a baby girl. Like many of you, I’m all about researching before I buy anything for my little one. That’s why I decided to share my honest, unsponsored Beblum Lavo 5 review – a product that’s been a game-changer in our home!

Choosing the Right Cot: Safety and Space-Saving Solutions

Because I planned to have baby sleep by herself in the cot, I focused on getting her the “best” baby cot possible! Here were some of my key considerations when I did my research for baby cots in Singapore:

  • Non-toxic, baby friendly, natural materials and paint coating (if any) – since babies tend to lick/bite any and everything when they come of age
  • A sturdy baby cot frame – that could withstand enthusiastic bouncing as I did not want to risk it breaking or collapsing
  • Convertible – the ability to adjust with my growing baby so I don’t have to keep buying new bigger beds
  • Multi-function – can use it for other purposes when baby eventually grows out of her cot
  • Aesthetic – able to fit well into my homes predominantly minimalist look and feel
  • Comes with wheels
  • Comfortable for babies sleep
  • Affordable pricing – I did not want to overspend on all of her baby stuff

The result of hours spent scouring online reviews, visiting showrooms, and bombarding friends & mummy groups with questions? The Beblum cot emerged as the frontrunner, ticking all the boxes on my long list of criteria!

First Impressions & Assembly

The first thing that struck me about the Lavo 5 Cot was its simple, clean design. No unnecessary frills or contraptions, just a safe and aesthetically pleasing sleeping environment for my little one. It felt super sturdy too – no wobbly shakes during our “showroom test” (which involved me enthusiastically trying to rock it side-to-side.) Let’s just say the showroom staff watched with a mix of amusement and concern!

The best part? Assembly was a breeze! Thanks to their “revolutionary easy click system,” the delivery guy put it together in under 10 minutes. In my case, the purchase came with free delivery and assembly too! This gave my (not-so-handy) husband plenty of confidence that we could easily transform the cot into its various configurations in the future.

Exploring the Beblum Lavo 5’s Functions: A Cot That Grows with Your Baby

One of the key reasons that I was on the lookout specifically for convertible cots was because I knew from my friends experience how quickly babies grow! I didn’t want to spend a bunch on something that I would use only for a short while and had to spend more for another upgrade.

Baby sleeping soundly in the living room in her Beblum Lavo 5 cot
Baby sleeping soundly in the living room in her Beblum Lavo 5 cot

Here are some of it’s exciting convertible forms (do note that I’ve only used it in cot mode so far):

  • Cot Mode: The mattress is comfortable, and the adjustable base (with an extension option we haven’t needed yet!) allows you to find the perfect height for your growing baby. We started with the highest setting and have gradually lowered it as she’s gotten older.
  • Co-sleeper Mode: While I opted for separate sleeping due to my own safety concerns, this mode looks easy to use and secure. The entire side is removable and not a drop gate mechanism. It could be a great option for mamas who prefer to co-sleep safely after early new-born months.
  • Playpen Mode: Taking out the wheels and lowering to the floor level, provides a safe and contained area for playtime. But I personally think it’s too small for when babies are 8 months and older and much more active.
  • Toddler Bed: This is what I’m super looking forward to for the next phase! I’m keen to drop the bed to the lowest level, and take out the side to let it be a form of toddler bed. This way she can climb in and out of it herself – Montessori style.
  • Table & Chair Mode: This is a feature we’re looking forward to using as she gets older – a perfect little arts and crafts or even study area in the making! No need to buy need furniture.

Beblum Lavo 5 Review: Pros & Cons

Here’s what you’re really here for – my unbiased review of what’s great and what’s not.

The Beblum Lavo 5 cot withstanding the biting a& vigorous shaking that baby puts it through
The Beblum Lavo 5 cot withstanding the biting a& vigorous shaking that baby puts it through

Pros: What I really liked about the Beblum Lavo 5?

  • Effortless Assembly: The easy click system makes setup a breeze, literally anyone can do this. But do check with your seller, because some may just throw in a free assembly for you!
  • Easy Adjustments: Adjusting the bed height is quick and secure, allowing you to adapt the cot to your baby’s growth stages. Usually I do this by myself, and spend about 5-10 mins to unscrew and screw back the 4 knobs holding the bed base.
  • Sturdy & Stable: This cot can handle even the most enthusiastic shakers. I know this because my baby is one and so far so good – it has withstood the vigorous shaking as long as the wheels are locked.
  • Non-Toxic Materials: Super important for those curious teethers who love to explore everything with their mouths! Thankful for this feature, because at 8 months when baby girl’s teeth came out, I started seeing faint tooth marks on the railings.
  • Removable Wheels: Convenient for moving the cot around the house for naptime on different floors, with the option to lock them for stability. When she was younger, my confinement nanny used to wheel her out during day time for her to take her naps while we did our things in the living room.
  • Comfortable & Stylish: My daughter sleeps soundly on the included mattress (we didn’t even upgrade for the more expensive option), and the bed frame complements our home’s décor with its clean lines and natural wood finish.
  • Affordable Value: I got a great deal for SGD 449 that included the cot, mattress, bedding set (which I didn’t use), delivery & assembly, and a one-year warranty!

As you can see, it really ticked off 100% of my criteria. 10 months on, I’m still a very happy buyer!

Cons: What’s Not So Great?

Honestly, I had to really squeeze my brains for things I didn’t like about the bed. But if hard-pressed, here would be my main gripes (if you can call them that):

  • Lowering the Bed Can Be Tough on Your Back: Once the bed needs to be very low for a standing baby, putting them in can strain your back. Softer cots with side-opening mechanisms might be easier for this stage, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker for me since I prioritized a sturdy wooden cot.
  • The Sturdy Side Railings Can Be a Bump Hazard: While the sturdy railings (as opposed to mesh) are fantastic for safety, they can be a bit painful when your little one inevitably bumps into them. This is a common challenge as with most wooden cribs but I again preferred wooden cots to soft ones. Also I opted to forgo crib bumpers altogether due to safe sleep guidelines. Thankfully, my daughter eventually stopped bumping into them as she got used to the cot’s size.

Beblum Lavo 5 Alternatives: Other Cots On My Shortlist

While the Lavo 5 stole my heart, there are other convertible wooden cribs out there. Here’s a quick comparison with a couple others that I considered:

Stokke Sleepi Bed V3: Super aesthetic and fulfills most of my criteria, but it’s significantly pricier (almost 3X the price) and finding non-standard sized bedding was a hassle I didn’t really want to deal with.

Learn more about it here!

Palette Box Sweet Dreams 7-in-1 Cot: Another affordable which ticked most of my boxes. However, the drop-gate mechanism wasn’t ideal for me due to safety concerns. Also, it only has 3 adjustable heights compared to the 9 that the Lavo 5 has.

Learn more about it here!

Final Thoughts

A final word on my Beblum Lavo 5 review: It has truly been one of our best buys for my daughter’s nursery so far. It’s not only sturdy, safe, grows with our baby, and offers incredible value for money. I’ve not looked back since I started using it since my daughter’s birth. Thanks to this, my girl has been a great sleeper from young – and even sleeping through the night from 4 months old.

Would I recommend this to new Singaporean parents? In a heartbeat.

Decided to get yours? Don’t forget to click on my link to support so I can continue to create content like this for you 🙂 Thanks!

Do you have any other convertible baby cot recommendations to share with fellow mummies? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!

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