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Newborn Photoshoot Prep: Insider Tips By Pro Photographers ’24

If newborn photoshoot prep seems daunting to you, just know that you are not alone. I was there in the same shoes when I was drowsy from my lack of sleep in the initial days, but keen on getting that precious newborn photoshoot done to commemorate my little one’s early days.

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Find yourself pondering these questions:

  • When should you schedule your newborn photoshoot?
  • Where should you do it? In the comfort of home or at a professional studio?
  • How do you find the perfect photographer who can handle your delicate bundle of joy?
  • What should you and the baby wear?
  • How to handle your baby’s feeding, diaper changing, and sleeping routine during the shoot?
  • and more…

Don’t worry, mummies and daddies, we’ve got you covered on newborn photoshoot prep! This article is packed with insider tips from Singapore’s leading newborn photographers to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and your precious bundle.

A big thank you to the following amazing newborn photographers who contributed their expertise to this article:

Tips for Finding Your Dream Newborn Photographer

The foundation of a successful newborn photoshoot lies in choosing the right photographer. Here’s what the pros recommend:

Style Matters:

Everyone has a different aesthetic preference, so it’s quite difficult for friends and family to recommend. Instead, take the time to look through portfolios to find a photographer whose photography style aligns with your vision. Do you prefer classic and timeless, or something more whimsical and artistic? Check out our list of 9 talented newborn photographers in Singapore to get a sense of the variety of styles available in the market – there’s something for everyone!

Newborn photoshoot prep - finding your ideal newborn photographer
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Experience is Key:

A seasoned photographer will handle your newborn with expertise, minimizing stress for both the baby and parents. I for one, would not dare to trust an inexperienced photographer with my fragile newborn. So make sure you look for photographers who specialize in newborn photography and have a proven track record of capturing those precious moments SAFELY.

Book Early:

Don’t wait till the last minute! Securing your photographer well in advance (around 20 weeks pregnant) ensures date availability and allows for adjustments based on your baby’s arrival. This is to allow the photographer to tentatively block a suitable date based on the EDD and also keep a window open for any changes upon actual delivery.

Also, in the haze of postpartum, you might not have the energy to deal with securing a photographer. So just do it early.

When To Schedule Your Shoot:

If you’re keen on getting those precious posed shots, the professionals would recommend getting the photoshoot done as soon as you can, as it is easier when the baby is younger. The reason? In the initial weeks, they tend to sleep more soundly and are easier to pose. In such cases, it is ideal to schedule the newborn session within the first two weeks after the baby’s arrival, at most one month.

However, if you don’t have a preference for posed shots, then you can consider a later time. But not too late because it’s those precious newborn looks you want to preserve. Trust me their looks change so fast! Do also make sure to check with your choice of photographer first as they might have different requirements.

Ask Questions Beforehand:

Do not be shy to ask as many questions as you want to clear all doubts before deciding on your preferred photographer. Address any concerns you might have about safety, posing styles, or studio environment before booking to ensure they have questions answered to remove any ambiguity.

Newborn photoshoot prep for actual day
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Newborn Photoshoot Prep For Actual Day!

Now that you’ve found your dream photographer, let’s get ready for the big day! Here are some expert tips on newborn photoshoot prep:

What to Wear:

For a timeless and classic look, parents and any siblings who will be in the photos can consider wearing solid, neutral colors. These tones are best to complement the baby’s delicate complexion and ensure that the focus remains on your newborn’s features and expressions.

Avoid overly loud designs, colours, and patterns that might distract from the baby as the focus.

Feed Your Little One:

Aim to feed your baby right before the session to ensure they’re content and sleepy. A well-fed baby is more likely to cooperate and drift off to sleep during the photoshoot, allowing for those adorable curled-up poses.

Embrace Comfort:

Schedule the shoot around your baby’s natural rhythm, aiming for feeding and nap times. A well-fed and rested baby is usually happier and more cooperative. You could even consider putting on some of the baby’s favourite calming music to get them (or yourself) in the mood.

Additionally, the studio or your home should be warm enough for the baby, especially since they will be unclothed or lightly dressed for some of the shots.

Hair & Makeup:

While the focus of a newborn photoshoot is naturally on your precious little one, parents would naturally also want to look their best in the captured memories. If getting hair and makeup done can make a huge difference in how you feel, go ahead and schedule yourself for a glam session ahead of the shoot.

However, I was not fussed about it, given that I was still in the depths of confinement. So my husband and I just made sure we washed up and did basic grooming to ensure we were presentable for the photos. That could work too!

Trust the Process:

That’s the point of engaging an experienced newborn photographer right? Just make sure to communicate your preferences ahead, but don’t be afraid to let them guide the session.

They’ll work their magic to capture a variety of beautiful poses while keeping your baby comfortable and secure. In some cases (not all), the photographer will even handle diaper changes, feeding (for non-breastfeeding babies), and soothing your baby throughout the session. This is your time to relax and enjoy the experience.

Newborn photoshoot photobook on cupboard
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What To Do After Your Newborn Shoot?

The photoshoot is complete, but the magic continues! Here’s how to make the most of your newborn portraits based on our expert recommendations:

Print Those Photos:

Don’t let these precious photos get stuck in your Google Drive, laptops, or phones. Print print print! Printed photos become cherished family heirlooms, reminding you and your child of these precious early days. Did you know that seeing family photos around the home can also help in increasing your child’s self-esteem knowing that they belong as part of a family? Well, there’s another great reason to do so!

Share the Joy:

Don’t forget to share your beautiful portraits with loved ones and document this special chapter in your family’s story. I for one printed it out into a photobook for sharing with any and everyone who comes to my home for a visit. And also used those beautiful photos in a slideshow during the baby’s first year birthday event!!

Get Started on Your Newborn Photoshoot Prep Today!

If you haven’t found your perfect photographer yet, check out our comprehensive guide on “Mummylist: Newborn Photography in SG: Trusted by Mums, Loved by Babies” featuring a wider selection of experienced baby whisperers in Singapore.

Remember, mummies and daddies, capturing those early newborn moments is an investment in memories. You won’t ever get a chance to preserve those precious newborn moments once the moment passes you by! Trust me, I know it firsthand.

By following these expert tips on your newborn photoshoot prep and finding the right photographer, you can create a stress-free experience and cherish these beautiful portraits for years to come.

Congratulations again on your new arrival, and happy memory-making!

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