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Baby Toys SG: Review Of Infant Toys I Bought from 0-6 Months

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Welcome to the world of baby toys! Hello, fellow Singaporean mums and dads! If you’re anything like me, you have probably realized that the world of infant toys is both vast and a tad overwhelming. But fear not! I’m here to share my personal discoveries, and the toys that made the biggest splash during those precious first six months.

Why Infant Toy Selection is Crucial for 0-6 Months Old?

Let’s talk about the incredible journey from birth to six months. Each month is a milestone celebration—those first smiles, the joy of hearing your baby coo, and more. Most importantly, it is also when your little one is learning new skills rapidly.

As such, toys are more than just playthings during this time; they’re tools that help our babies discover their senses, refine their dexterity, and connect with their surroundings. From the softest rattles to the most engaging baby gyms, selecting the right “developmental toys for infants” is all about enriching those precious moments of growth and exploration.

Choosing Baby Toys: A Singaporean Mum’s Guide

When it comes to picking baby toys in Singapore, here’s what I’ve learned on this colourful journey:

Safety First, Always

The paramount concern for any parent is their baby’s safety. When selecting toys, it’s crucial to scrutinize them for potential hazards:

  • Choking Hazards: Small parts that could easily be swallowed are a significant concern for babies who explore the world with their mouths. Opt for toys with larger parts and those specifically designed with a baby’s safety in mind. Make sure to check labels for age recommendations. But also exercise common sense – if something looks too small for your baby it probably is.
  • Sharp Edges: Babies and young children are still mastering motor control and can easily hurt themselves on toys with sharp edges or points. Choose toys that are smooth and rounded to ensure playtime is safe and enjoyable.
  • Toxic Materials: The presence of toxic materials in toys is a serious health risk. Lead paint, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals can pose dangers to a developing baby. Hence it’s always wise to verify that toys are free from these harmful substances by looking for safety certifications and choosing reputable brands. For instance, I always make it a point to double confirm the presence of toxic materials with the sellers.

The Right Material Matters

Babies explore with all their senses, especially their mouths! Hence choosing the right materials for baby toys is critical. Here’s some of what I look out for:

  • Non-toxic, BPA-Free Materials: These terms signify that a toy is safe for a baby to handle and chew on. BPA (Bisphenol A) and other harmful chemicals can leach out of materials and pose health risks, so it’s essential to select toys made from materials known to be safe.
  • Food-Grade Silicone, Natural Rubber, and Untreated Wood: These materials are not only non-toxic but also environmentally friendly. Food-grade silicone and natural rubber are soft and flexible, ideal for teething toys. Untreated wood, free from varnishes and chemicals, offers a durable and safe option for rattles and blocks. These materials are also easier to clean, ensuring hygiene can be maintained. But do note that wood materials are not recommended at this early stage due to potential mould growth due to saliva.

Stimulation vs. Overstimulation

It’s all about balance. Yes, we want to introduce our babies to a variety of textures, sounds, and colours, but too much too soon can be overwhelming. Creating an enriching environment that stimulates a baby’s development without causing overstimulation is the goal.

  • Appropriate Stimulation: Toys should engage a baby’s senses and encourage developmental milestones, such as fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and sensory processing. Look for toys that stimulate through movement, sound, texture, and colour in a way that’s not overwhelming. For instance, I avoid anything too loud in colour or has unnecessarily loud tunes.
  • Observing and Adjusting: Each baby is unique, and their tolerance for stimulation can vary widely. Some may delight in a brightly coloured mobile with music and motion, while others may prefer the subtle texture and gentle sound of a wooden rattle. Observing your baby’s reactions to different toys can provide invaluable insights into what they find engaging versus what may cause distress or disinterest.
  • Creating a Balanced Environment: Offering a variety of toys that cater to different developmental needs and sensory experiences can help prevent overstimulation. Rotating toys to keep the environment fresh without introducing too many new stimuli at once is a practical approach. How I do it? I have 3 different sets of toys which I rotate every 2-3 days for cleaning. This way, babies can explore at their own pace, discovering new joys in familiar toys while gradually being introduced to new challenges.

Our Infant Toy Box: A Review

Now, on to the main topic at hand! Here’s a peek at our favourite baby toy finds, month by month, that not only brought joy to my little one but also supported her developmental milestones beautifully.

Newborn Toys for One Month Old:

In those early weeks, high-contrast black and white flashcards and gentle, soft rattles were our go-tos. They’re perfect for newborn eyes and ears, offering just the right amount of stimulation.

We used the rattles to help get baby’s attention during tummy time to keep her entertained. While showing her the flash cards every so often to help send strong signals to her brain, stimulating the development of her optic nerves.

These were the main two things we used during the first month because there’s not much playtime anyways with the tight schedule of feeding, changing of diapers, and short naps.

Newborn Toys for Two Month Old:

As my baby started to become more aware of their body, a baby gym with dangling, colourful toys offered them the perfect opportunity to reach, bat, and grasp, encouraging those early movements. While baby didn’t really start doing all those movements so early on, I would think she quite enjoyed it nonetheless. She also did plenty of tummy time on it and we even hung it over her crib during the day to entertain her.

This IKEA playgym was used all the way till she was 6 months old. The mat was easily washable while the detachable soft toys were used all the way even until she’s almost 8 months old now. Good mileage I would say.

Baby Play Gym Ikea

I also started introducing soft books, as a means to introduce a variety of different textures, and light sounds. We would play these in her hands to grasp, touch, and make sounds while she was resting in her bouncer after a milk feed.

Months later, when she started putting things in her mouth, these were also great options for her to try out different textures! Got too much saliva on it? No worries, just throw it into the wash.

Infant Toys for Three Month Old:

By the third month, baby girl was starting to be more alert, with better vision as well as hearing! So I got some talking flash cards to introduce her to a wider variety of things. This particular dual language talking flash card has been one of her favourites since then – always getting a smile out of her with the fun sounds.

Baby Talking Flash Cards

Also because we wanted to encourage her and make tummy time more entertaining, I got a couple of toys to help with that.

This tummy time floor mirror was perfect for that! She enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror and was kept entertained for a long time. Need a change in scenery? Just flip over to the high contrast sides for more interesting images to stimulate her sight. As she grew older and started putting things in her mouth, the dangling toys by the side also became her “teethers”.

Floor Mirror For Tummy Time

Another fun toy for tummy time was this water mat. I was very keen to introduce her to the concept of water, but did not want her to get wet all the time – so this was a great compromise! Baby girl had tons of fun on this mat, especially on hot days. The moving “fishes” inside also made for an entertaining toy during tummy time.

Baby Toys for Four to Six Months Old:

The four to six month period was a blur as my little girl seemed to go through a crazy number of leaps – gaining so many skills at the same time. From putting things in her mouth, to grasping, and even sitting herself up. This was also when I bought a ton of toys to keep up with her development. These included teething toys, soft blocks that made gentle sounds, and interactive toys that responded to her actions to kept her engaged and learning through play.

I’ve talked a ton about teething toys in my other article “My Baby’s 7 Favourite Teething Toys” so head over there for more details!

Grasping Baby Toys

Because baby girl spent about 15-20 mins after each feed, I managed to find a toy to keep her entertained while practicing her grasping skills. This adjustable “clip on” hanging arch mobile has been a life saver in many ways. From keeping her entertained during feeds, to encouraging her stand up in her play pen and more.

Bouncer Mobile

This particular silicone pull string ball was quite the hit with baby girl. She enjoyed the pulling and tugging on the colourful “strings”, which she also enjoyed chewing on as a teether. A great distraction we used many times to get her attention during her distracted milk feeds at times.

Sensory Toys

Wanting to introduce baby girl to more textures, I decided to look for sensory balls but many came in very loud and garish colours. So imagine my happiness when I saw this particular set where the balls came in more muted colours. The set of balls come in a variety of different shapes which baby enjoys rolling around and now chewing on it.

Stacking Toys and Sensory Balls

This soft ball was also another favourite toy that was a soft rattle that kept her entertained during feeds. It had soft squishy components and hard transparent “shells” where there were different coloured balls. Made a nice rattling sound when rolling or shaken.

Cause & Effect / Interactive Infant Toys

At the 4-6 month age, baby girl was so much more active, I figured some interactive toys would do her some good! This baby fidget spinner toy in particular was a great way of introducing cause and effect to her. Whenever she hit it, it would move. And she soon learn to have lots of fun with it. We also use it in the car (stuck on the windows) to entertain her during long car rides.

Baby Fidget Spinner Toy

Another interactive cause and effect toy that I liked for her was this set of silicone animal and cube building blocks. I would build little towers for her, and she would happily knock them down and started chewing on them. Cannot wait to teach her how to use them for stacking in the coming months.

Baby Books

Wanting to help her learn better about language and emotions, I decided to get her this set of When I’m Feeling…books. It covers quite the range of common emotions that little kids will feel. While I’m not sure she understands the book much now, she seems to get excited every time I take it out. The downside is it’s quite prone to ripping due to her roughness in handling it.

Indestructible Series (Left) When I’m Feeling (Right)

Because of my experience with the above set of books, I decided to get these. The indestructible books which are chew proof, waterproof and rip proof! And they are just what they claim to be! So happy with these. Full of saliva? Simply soak it in a tub and wash it and it’s good as new once it dries. After 2 months of heavy handling, it’s still in great condition. Also, it’s much simpler, and more suited for babies.

My Top Baby Toys Picks As A First-Time Mother

If I had to choose just a few stars from our toy box, my top 3 picks would be the following:

Hanging Arch Mobile With Rattles and Pulling Features: This really served us well, as both a distraction for feeding and also a teaching tool to help baby practise her grasping skills. Now that she is in the playpen, we clip this at the top of the playpen which motivates her to pull herself up to stand.

Soft Floor Mirror with Teethers and High Contrast Images: Super high mileage product which she loved during her early months as motivation for tummy time, as a teether at 5-6 months old, and now looking at the pictures at 7+ month old. Super multi-purpose product. Great value for money.

Indestructible Books Series: The fact that she rushes towards it every time we put it down in the playpen goes to show how beloved this is as a toy. The illustrations are bright and cheery, and the material is so amazing that it just doesn’t spoil no matter how she man handles it.

However, the truth is, most of the toys above have served her well during the entire time. Many of which is still in her regular toy rotation and well played with. So I would say I made pretty good choices *self pats on the back*

SG Baby Toys Review: Wrapping It Up With Love

And that’s the end of my baby toys review for my baby’s journey from 0-6 months old. Look out for the next installation which will be the 7-12 months old infant toy review in a few months time!

If you have any exciting baby toys to share, please let me know in the comments below. Let’s create a community of caring, sharing, and playtime learning. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and every shared experience is a treasure.

Here’s to making playtime both fun and fruitful for our little ones!

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