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Newborn Photography in SG: Trusted by Mums, Loved by Babies

Welcome to the world of tiny toes, endless yawns, and that precious, irreplaceable newborn stage – all precious memories deserved to be captured by Singapore’s talented newborn photography specialists! I remember I had a ton of fun scrolling through the various portfolios, before selecting my choice newborn photographer to commemorate baby’s first month in the world.

Understandably, newborn photography is very personal and different styles will appeal to different mothers. So, to help you make this milestone photoshoot a more convenient reality, this article aims to be a useful compilation some of the most trusted newborn photographers in the industry – each offering a unique style to document your baby’s arrival.

Whether you envision soft, natural light portraits or dream of creative setups with adorable props, you’re sure to find the perfect newborn photographer to create lasting memories – memories that both you and your little one will cherish forever.

Scroll on to check out a variety of diverse newborn photography styles! In alphabetical order!

Caveat: Unlike most of my recommendations on my blog, I’ve obviously not tried out all these photographers before except ONE of them so far! Please feel free to let me know if you have more trusted recommendations to add to this list!


7 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home & Studio Sessions

Newborn photography by Cherubfoto
Credits: Cherubfoto

A Little About The Photographer

Affordable, Experienced and Friendly!

Renowned for his minimalist and rustic aesthetic, main photographer Shiv Chaudhury, has carved a unique path in the industry. As a father of two himself, his exceptional patience and baby-whispering skills put newborns and parents at ease during sessions with Cherubfoto.

Established in 2018, Cherubfoto has since garnered the trust of countless families, capturing precious newborn and family portraits. In 2020, they expanded their operation to a fully-equipped professional studio, ensuring top-quality images and service for every client. At Cherubfoto, their dedication lies in crafting the very best photography experience for each family who walks through their doors.

Pricing: Starting from The Basic Package $438 (3 concepts)

More Details:

Fion Boon Photography

8 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Studio Sessions

Newborn photography by Fion Boon Photography
Credits: Fion Boon Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Patient, Professional, Baby Whisperer

Fion’s lens seeks out the quiet wonder of those first few weeks, creating enduring portraits that stand the test of time. Her hallmark aesthetic pays homage to nature’s embrace – where she seeks to capture the tender innocence of infants in a rustic, natural setting. Often utilizing the interplay of soft natural lighting and earthy tones to evoke a sense of intimacy and warmth, capturing the essence of newborn innocence with a touch of rustic charm.

And most importantly, word-of-mouth speaks volumes about Fion’s approach. Parents rave about her “exceptional patience and professionalism,” ensuring the families feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the session.

Pricing: The Fresh 48 from $550 (within 48 hours of baby’s birth) or Newborn Portraits from $730

More Details:

  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +65 88251079
  • Email:
  • Studio Address: Woods Square Tower 1
  • Facebook | Instagram
  • Promo For Mummylist Readers: Quote Mummylist to enjoy $50 discount

Kim Ngo Woodward Photography

9 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home & Outdoors Sessions

Newborn photography by Kim Ngo Woodward Photography
Credits: Kim Ngo Woodward Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Intimate, Timeless, and Fun!

Kim brings a touch of intimacy and timelessness to the world of newborn photography in Singapore. As a lifestyle family photographer, she strives to capture people in their most natural special moments in photos that feel effortless. Her sessions offer a beautiful blend of her signature style – in-action photos that evoke emotions and connections between family members – alongside the classic posed photos you may cherish.

Ultimately, Kim’s goal is to create lasting memories that spark joy for years to come. When you revisit these photos, she hopes you’ll smile and say, “After all these years, I still love this moment we captured!”

Pricing: The Newborn Launch Session $749 (for up to 5 family members inclusive of pets!)

More Details:

Little Daisy Photography

7 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home Sessions

Credits: Little Daisy Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Professional, Patient, and Quality (Photography)

Gone are the days of stiff poses and forced smiles. Daisy’s newborn photography approach prioritizes comfort and embraces the purity and charm of your little one.

Her signature style is all about soft lighting and tender posing, accentuating your baby’s unique features and precious expressions. Think adorable setups with carefully chosen props and backdrops – accents that complement your little one, not overwhelm them.

With Daisy, sessions are tailored to your baby’s needs, allowing time for feeding, soothing, relaxed and unhurried. I should know, because she was my choice of photographer in 2023 to capture my baby’s and our family’s first photographs (as a paying customer!). I witnessed her working her magic firsthand – from baby handling to getting all the precious shots of baby. In the end, my husband and I could not decide on selecting just a few photos we ended up getting it all!

Pricing: Newborn packages from $399 to $699

More Details:

Littleones Photography

20 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home, Outdoors, & Studio Sessions

Credits: Littleones Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Baby Whisperer, Professional, Patient

At Littleones Photography, Kate’s passion lies in celebrating motherhood and capturing the pure, unadulterated wonder of children as they explore the world around them.

Kate, a Master Photographer, uses both natural light and studio light with artistry, crafting images that are as natural and simple as a swaddled babe bathed in soft light. This is the essence of Kate’s approach – the creation of stunning artistic portraits that transcend trends and resonate for generations.

And that dedication goes beyond aesthetics. Above all, Littleones Photography prioritizes safety and happiness above all else, creating a comfortable and nurturing environment, which naturally leads to the beautiful, heartfelt images that define her work.

Pricing: One hour photo shoots from $350

More Details:

Picspirations Photography

8 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home, Outdoors, & Studio Sessions

Credits: Picspirations Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Sincere, Professional, Baby Whisperer

From the quiet anticipation of new life to the innocent embrace of your newborn, and through the countless milestones of your child’s growth, Alexandria (the woman behind the lens at Picspirations Photography) is here to help you crystallize these moments in time in photographs.

Her signature style? Utilizing a palette of rich colors and captivating textures, to create timelines and classic portraits of your newborn baby. The goal? To create photographs are more than just images – to be passed down as family heirlooms, whispering stories of love, laughter, and the enduring magic of family.

Pricing: Starting from Newborn Session Fee (Studio) $290

More Details:

  • Website:
  • Contact Number: +65 97531970
  • Email:
  • Studio Address: 7500A Beach Road #01-314 The Plaza Singapore 199591
  • Instagram
  • Promo For Mummylist Readers: Quote MUMMYLIST2024 for $50 off from their session fee

Rebecca Berger Photography

7 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home & Outdoors Sessions

Credits: Rebecca Berger Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Comfortable, Easy-going, Beautiful (images)

Forget the sterile studio setups and uncomfortable posing. Rebecca embraces a baby-led approach, prioritizing comfort and natural interactions in the familiar haven of your own home or the outdoors.

Her lens documents the love story unfolding between you and your newborn, capturing genuine expressions and tender moments in all their organic beauty. Imagine soft light filtering through your windows, illuminating a tiny hand reaching out for yours, or a peaceful slumber bathed in the warmth of home.

Above all, clients consistently praise Rebecca for her ability to capture beautiful images in a fun and easy-going environment, creating an experience that’s as joyful as the memories she captures.

Pricing: Newborn Photography Session from $1150

More Details:

Sugarlight Photography

14 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home & Outdoors Sessions

Newborn photography by Sugarlight Photography
Credits: Sugarlight Photography

A Little About The Photographer

Fun, relaxed and patient

Forget the pressure of forced smiles and awkward poses. Think laughter shared between parents, tender gazes at your sleeping child, and the pure joy of welcoming a new life into your family. These unscripted moments are what Gunilla captures so beautifully, creating images that reflect raw genuine emotion and the unique bond of the family, creating timeless memories.

As a mother to 3 kids herself, Gunilla fully understands that newborns don’t always follow a script. Whether it’s a feeding break or a diaper change, she takes everything in stride, ensuring the session is a positive and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Pricing: Newborn Photography Session from $240

More Details:

Tomato Photo

16 Years of Newborn Photography Experience | Home & Studio Sessions

Credits: Tomato Photo

A Little About The Photographer

Master Baby Whisper

Hart of isn’t just another name in Singapore’s newborn photography scene; he’s a pioneer, established since 2008. With over 16 years of experience, his expertise in handling newborns shines through, ensuring a peaceful and stress-free session for parents.

Often doubling up as a “nanny-photographer,” he handles everything from diapers to calming the baby, so parents can simply relax.

Don’t like to wait for your photos? Hart’s industry-leading turnaround time means edited photos are ready for viewing within 24 hours. He personalizes each session and prioritizes a boutique experience with limited bookings per month.

Pricing: Starting from Weekdays Newborn Mini Shoots $399

More Details:

Which Is Your Favourite Newborn Photography Style?

With so many talented newborn photographers in Singapore, the hardest part might be choosing just one! Whether you’re drawn to rustic elegance, a baby-led approach bathed in natural light, or focus on capturing the joy of family life, there’s a photographer who can perfectly capture this precious time.

Do you have a favourite style, or know of other trusted newborn photographers with unique newborn photography styles or approaches? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always happy to expand our list and help connect families with the perfect photographer to document their newborn’s arrival.

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