The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist For FTM (TMC Edition)
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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist For FTM (TMC Edition)

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As the big day approaches, one crucial task is ensuring your hospital bag is packed and ready to go. For those choosing Thomson Medical Centre as their hospital of choice, here’s a comprehensive hospital bag checklist to ensure you have everything you need for the big day.

Hospital Bag Checklist:

1. Essentials for Comfort:

  • Soft and comfortable pajamas (optional) – I personally did not change out of the hospital gown until I left the hospital so this entirely up to your personal preference
  • Non-slip socks – I found this helpful as it kept me warm and comfy in the cold hospital room. No need for compression socks as they will provide those.

2. Personal Care Items:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste (optional) – the hospital does provide an amenities kit so it’s up to you if you want to bring your own
  • Hair ties or headbands
  • Hair brush
  • Skincare essentials for a refreshing feel
  • Plastic bag for soiled clothes

3. Documentation:

  • Identification
  • Doctor Admission Letter
  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Prenatal Receipts for Claims
  • Health insurance details – I did not bring along any because I did not have a maternity insurance plan, but should you have one, you can check with your agent if there’s anything to bring along
  • Birth plan (if you have one) – I highly recommend emailing your gynae ahead, and having a hard copy on hand to give to the nurse in charge which is what I did. Check out my guide on how to write your birth plan here.

4. Clothing for You:

  • Nursing bras (optional) – I would say bras are quite unnecessary during the stay since you might want to spend time doing skin to skin, latching and or pumping and bras just get in the way.
  • Disposable underwear (highly recommended!) – the hospital provides them but I brought and used my own (Kotex Overnight Panties) from the second day on as it was just easier and more comfortable to wear. I ended up wearing them for the next two months too.
  • Going-home outfit – I just brought along a simple maternity dress for comfort, but if you want a photo op make sure to prep for yourself and the baby too. My baby just went home in a TMC onesie, swaddle, mittens and socks – they have it all so if you don’t bring anything it’s fine too.

5. Snacks and Hydration:

  • Lactation snacks (highly recommended!) – Only for after the go ahead to eat solids again to help kickstart your milk supply. I really loved the butterscotch cookies from Singapore Lactation Bakes which was given as a sample. After trying it, I got my husband to go to the shop downstairs to get it for me.
  • Thermos bottle (highly recommended!) – Was great for filling up and keeping warm the red date tea so I didn’t have to keep calling for the nurse. I got the 600ml one for red date tea and another larger one for warm water throughout the day during confinement. Worked so well my confinement nanny asked me to help her buy one too.

6. Technology:

  • Charged camera or smartphone – For capturing memories
  • Charger and power bank

7. Breastfeeding:

  • Hospital grade pump – To kickstart your milk supply. I brought along my second hand spectra S1 hospital grade pump and accessories, there was a UV sterilizer in the room so we used that. Not sure if all room types offer this though.
  • Nipple cream – I brought mine along (Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter) even though they gave us one in the welcome hamper and thankfully I did because the latching caused plenty of soreness. It helped with plenty of relief in the first month.

Pack Your Hospital Bag for A Peace of Mind Today!

With your hospital bag packed with care, you’re well on your way to a smoother and more comfortable birthing experience at Thomson Medical Centre. Trust us, don’t leave it to the last minute as you might forget things last minute.

Note: Thomson Medical Centre may have specific guidelines, so be sure to check with them for any additional recommendations.

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