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Infant Diaper Bag Checklist: Must-Have Essentials On The Go!

As any experienced mum will tell you, when you’re out and about with your little one, being prepared is not just an option; it’s a necessity. That’s why having a well-packed infant diaper bag is essential. Babies, as adorable as they are, require a lot of stuff! So, let’s dive into the essentials for your infant diaper bag to ensure you’re always ready for anything.

My Choice of Infant Diaper Bag: The Anello Backpack

My diaper bag journey began with an unexpected gift – a free Anello diaper bag. It came with the purchase of my Haenim UV sterilizer and I figured why not just use it. But it turned out to be a gem!

What I love most is that it’s a backpack, which it keeps my hands free – crucial when you’re juggling a baby and a million other things. Also, very importantly, it’s super roomy with easily accessible compartments to fit everything I need while staying organized.

Additionally, it’s not kiddy in design which works out perfectly for my aesthetic preferences. Plus, my husband won’t feel like it’s too girly for him to carry it.

Diaper Change Essentials

Diapers: A must-have, of course. I pack one for every two hours I plan to be out, plus a couple of extras. Usually at least 8 pieces. You never know when you’ll have an extended outing or an unexpected situation. My girl only uses Merries tape diapers, so it’s what I pack.

Portable Changing Mat: Public restrooms are not always clean, so having my own mat gives me peace of mind. It’s waterproof, easy to clean, and folds up neatly. I pack 2 in case I have to do 2 diaper changes and one gets dirtied in the process. I love this particular brand because it’s soft for baby, aesthetic and is super compact when packed up.

Diaper Cream: Essential for preventing and treating diaper rash. A small tub is all you need. We only use Sudocrem in our household now after going through at least 3 other brands.

Wet Wipes: Not just for diaper changes! They’re perfect for wiping hands, faces, and surfaces. But because I don’t use the water in public restrooms, I make sure to pack only the moistest brand of wet wipes I have – Water Wipes.

Wet Bag: Ideal for storing soiled clothes or diapers until you get home. It’s waterproof and seals in the odor. Usually I pack all the diaper change essentials inside the wet bag so I can just grab it along with everything I need when I’m doing a diaper change. I got a random brand which worked out really well so far – comes in a lot of different cute prints too!

Doggy Bag: Convenient for discreetly disposing of diapers, especially when there’s no trash can nearby. I hang it outside the bag for easiest access – no digging into the bag in the middle of a diaper change. We use this random brand not only for on-the-go but also disposing baby’s contagious poop after her Rotavirus jabs! Works well, no smell, easy to tear off, large capacity and no leakage.

Clothes Change Necessities

Bibs: I pack at least two (usually 3-4) because feeding can get messy and also because baby has an endless amount of drool. Extra is always better in this case and it doesn’t really take up space.

Extra Clothes: I always include two extra sets – in case of mealtime mishaps, diaper leakages, or unexpected weather changes and more. Usually I opt to bring along one sleeveless onesie and one sleeved onesie for optionality.

Hygiene & Health

Disinfecting Spray: I do not go anywhere without my handy disinfecting spray. I have a large size spray in my car, but also a pocket size one in the diaper bag. It’s perfect for for sanitizing changing areas, high chairs, or even toys that fall on the ground.

Happy Noz Virus Guard Patch: I think I’ve mentioned before, while I’m not exactly sure how these work, I’ve been using it religiously since I started bringing baby out at 1 month old. And amazingly she has managed to stay healthy and strong for the past 7+ months. Do note I use the GREEN patch for outings!

Entertainment & Comfort

Teethers & Toys: Perfect to keep baby entertained on the car ride, and in the stroller while the adults enjoy our meal. Usually I’ll pack a variety of 4 different teethers and a soft book to keep her entertained. Nothing too big or bulky.

Teether Chain (Optional): I don’t always bring this along, but I find it helpful in keeping the teether off the ground and always within reach.

Portable Fan: A lifesaver during hot weather. It’s small, clip-on, and rechargeable – perfect for keeping my baby cool and comfortable in any situation.

On-The-Go Sleeping

Baby Carrier: If we have a stroller, baby will take her nap there. But if we’re out without a stroller, then we will use a baby carrier for naps on the go.

Both the minimonkey carrier (which I use) and the ergobaby omni breeze (which my husband uses) fits into my diaper bag. The ergobaby is more of a squeeze because it’s quite bulky while the minimonkey takes up very little space because it’s super compact and lightweight (just look at the picture above).

Feeding Essentials (In a Separate Thermal Bag)

Thermal Bag: I use a separate thermal bag to keep the milk cool while on the go. It’s a small bag which is easily accessible too for all feeding needs too.

Milk Storage Bottle: As I’m an exclusively breastfeeding mum (pumping only!), I usually just bring along breastmilk in one milk storage bottle. We then pour out into feeding bottles for the respective feeds. I love this brand because it’s cheap, affordable, and haven’t given me any leakage issues.

Feeding Bottles: Depending on how long we’re out (maximum 4 hours), I usually bring only 1 or 2 feeding bottles along.

Ice Packs: Essential for keeping breast milk cool for extended periods. I usually use the ones from don don donki and stuff 4 of them around my milk storage bottle to keep it cool.

Thermal Container for Hot Water: I use the old school method of warming up with hot water on the go. So I also have a small compact container for hot water which fits my feeding bottles perfectly. However if I’m going to a restaurant or home, then I’ll leave this out since it’s just extra weight.

Share Your Infant Diaper Bag Must-Haves With Me!

Every item in my diaper bag has a purpose, ensuring I’m ready for anything when I’m out with my baby. Tailor your own bag to your and your baby’s needs, and you’ll be all set for your next adventure.

Have any other must-haves in your infant diaper bag that you think I’m missing out on? Let me know in the comments below.

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