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Feeding & Sleep Schedule For 6 Month Old Infant (Daily Routine!)

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Hello, fellow mummies, daddies, and caregivers! Today, I’m sharing a glimpse into a typical day with my precious 6 month old infant – inclusive of feeding & sleep schedule. Remember, each baby is unique, but here’s a sample schedule that has worked wonders for us. It’s a mix of play, nourishment, and those oh-so-important naps!

Daily Feeding & Sleep Schedule For 6 Month Old Infant

My 6 month old infant has been on this routine from 6 months and still on it at 8+ months now (with slightly longer wake times)

  • Her wake windows (from getting out of bed to being back in bed) are approximately 2 -2.5 hours
  • She sleeps a total of 3.5-4 hours in the day and 11-12 hours in the night
  • She eats 1-2 solid meals a day (breakfast and lunch)
  • We try to bring her outdoors 2-3 times a week
  • We change her diapers every time before or after she naps/sleeps and when she poops

Do also note that I’m a stay at home mum who has flexible working hours and have a stay-in helper who helps out with cooking and cleaning chores so I have enough energy to focus on baby stuff! Everyone’s circumstances are different, so please don’t be too hard on yourself.

Morning Routine:

7:00 AM: Our day usually begins around 7-730 AM depending on how her sleep the day before was. We always make a big fuss about waking up, drawing open the curtains, turning on soft music and brightly greeting baby with an exaggerated “Good Morning!!!!”. I will then start pumping then while my helper helps me get her changed out of her PJs and into new diapers.

7:10 AM: Once we’re done with morning greetings with everyone in the family, it’s time for her first milk feed to fuel up for the day ahead. Once she’s done I get to have my breakfast and quickly plan the day ahead.

7:30 AM: After having her sit up for about 15-20mins after her milk feed, it’s time for independent play. Mornings are usually dedicated to independent play because there’s plenty for everyone in the household to do. So what I do is to switch out her toys from the day before (I rotate 3 sets of toys so she don’t get bored), and let her enjoy exploring within her playpen.

8:20 AM: It’s time for BREAKFAST (solid food)! It is usually the time of day I’ll incorporate new foods to try out to allow for time for allergies to present themselves if there’s any. Most of the time I’ll offer one pureed food and one food for baby led weaning since I’ve adopted a mixed weaning approach.

Mid-Morning Routine:

9:00 AM: After a quick clean up, it’s off to bed for her first nap of the day, usually 2 hours after she woke up (can be earlier if she exhibits signs of sleepiness). I usually start the nap routine 5 minutes before setting her in bed. Check out our sleep routine here!

Her two 1.5 hour nap times are when I get to do my work, freelance writing work, purchase groceries, plan weekend activities, head out for self-care activities, exercise, or take a short breather.

10:30 AM: Usually I’ll wake her up at the 1.5 hour mark and give her her second milk feed of the day. Rest 15-20 mins. Then it’s more interactive play time! Usually this is when I’ll let her listen to fun baby songs while I have my lunch, then join her in song and dance, and accompanied playtime.

Once a week, I’ll bring her out at this time slot to head out to get a breather while getting lunch outside at the same time. Win-win for both of us. But if we head out, I’ll settle her lunch with a milk feed instead for convenience.

11:30 AM: Next up will be LUNCH time! Depending on what’s available in the fridge, I’ll try to use up any pre-prepared purees. But most of the time I try to offer something different from breakfast.

12:30 PM: And then it’s NAP time again after a quick clean up post-lunch.

Afternoon Routine:

2:00 PM: After a 1.5 hour restful nap, she wakes up to her third milk feed of the day. After which we do some reading together, and going through flash cards, before she independently plays with her toys (while I pump).

3:00 PM: I offer another milk feed to ensure she gets her fill throughout the day. I expect I will eventually replace this with a snack? But not yet for now. Then she continues to play.

4:00 PM: Goes in for her last nap of the day – usually the shortest one. For about 30mins – 1 hour because we will cap her total day sleep at less than 4 hours.

Evening-Night Routine:

5:00 PM: Wakes up from nap and gets a full milk feed. After some rest, I’ll bring her out of the play pen for supervised crawling around the living room. She honestly has the most fun exploring the sofa, checking out the window views, rocking on the nursing chair, crawling under the dining table and more.

6:00 PM: Joins us at the dinner table while we enjoy our dinner and have conversations at the table. I like to give her some baby utensils and bowls so she can feel like part of the group too. But she also gets toys so she doesn’t get bored.

Also I try to make sure we do not have any very stimulating activities for her past this time to ensure she is not overly stimulated before her bedtime.

6:50 PM: Last milk feed of the day to ensure she gets her fill before going for her long stretch of sleep.

7:15 PM: We start our bedtime routine with a soothing warm bath to signal that the day is winding down. Followed by changing out into PJs, a soft lullaby, cuddles, putting on a sleep sack and heading into the cot for the night at around 7:30pm. She then sleeps through the night until 7am next morning. After which is free time for daddy and mummy to enjoy our Netflix, date nights, catch up on work and pump before I turn in for the night.

For more details, check out our bedtime routine here.

6 Month Old Infant Going Out Routine:

We do our best to fit any trips out within her wake times (stretching it for up to an hour), so usually around 7-10am, 10-1pm, or 2-5pm. This is so that we can rush back for her to take her nap in her cot at home.

However if our trip out happens to be longer than that, she’ll just take her nap on the go, in her stroller, carrier or car seat.

We have yet to try bringing her out beyond 5pm because we’re worried it might be too overly stimulating for her close to bedtime and affect her night sleep. However our next challenge for ourselves is to bring her out for either a staycation in Singapore or trip to JB to let her learn how to sleep somewhere else other than home. Can’t wait to update here on how that goes!

How Does Your Feeding & Sleep Schedule For 6 Month Old Infant Look Like?

To be honest, while this schedule works perfectly for our lifestyle, it may or may not work for you depending on your baby and your family’s lifestyle. The most important thing is to find a rhythm that works for you and your little one.

Also, one the most important things I learnt in the past months is to “Stay flexible”. Some days won’t go as planned, and that’s perfectly okay.

Just do your best to enjoy how every day with your baby brings new surprises and joys.

Baby Daily Schedule IG Template

Have a different daily schedule for 6 month old or routine that works for you? Download our IG template here or choose to edit it over on Canva and share it with your community on social media! Don’t forget to tag us at @mummy.list on Instagram.

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