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IVF Cost SG: My Personal IVF Journey & The Expenses Involved

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Ever find yourself deep in the Google rabbit hole at 2 AM, wondering why aren’t IVF cost more transparent after trying to find breakdowns to no avail? You’re not alone. After spending what felt like a zillion hours researching and going through the process myself, I realized not many people choose to talk openly about the nitty-gritty of IVF costs. So, here I am, sharing my story and the dollars and cents of it all, hoping to make your journey just a tad easier.

Fun fact: This article came to be because I was compiling information for this IVF article on Today where the reporter asked me how much I spent. Previously I never did sit down and tabulated the numbers, but I did so to be factually accurate for the readers. Now that I have that information ready, why not let it benefit some others too!

My Infertility Journey Before IVF

Just to give some context, here’s what I went through before I decided to pursue IVF:

Early 2021 (KKH): Started on the mildest protocol, with oral medication to help ovulation but did not work for 3 cycles.

Late 2021 – Mid 2022 (KKH): Moved on to SO-IUI, where injections and follicle monitoring was required. Did not work for 3 cycles.

We did multiple rounds of fertility checks, from the basic to more invasive ones (after my failed SO-IUIs) but there was no indication of anything that could have been preventing us from conceiving. We were worried about my age (33 then) affecting egg quality, so we decided to go ahead with IVF to increase our chances.

IVF Cost in Singapore: The Price Tag of Hope

For many hopeful parents-to-be in Singapore, the price tag of assisted reproductive treatments (especially IVF) can get be quite the wallet drainer. Especially when it’s not always a guarantee on the first try.

Choosing between a public hospital and a private clinic was my first big decision. Public meant longer waits but a lighter bill, while private promised a quicker start but with a heftier price tag. After wasting 1.5 years at KKH ( this is a story for another time) and my age approaching 35 soon, my partner and I decided time was of the essence, and we went private.

Because of time constraints, I did not look for the popular private IVF doctors who had extremely long waiting times and found one who was able to allow me to start almost immediately.

IVF Process Singapore (Raffles Hospital)

Here’s a simple timeline of how my IVF process went (will write something more detailed in a future article!):

1st Visit: Consultation with doctor and deciding on a plan

2nd Visit: Doing another round of preconception tests (both husband and I)

3rd-6th Visit (about 1 month after 1st consult): Start medications for egg retrieval, do ultrasounds to track growth of follicles, sperm freezing

7-8th Visit (about 2 months after 1st consult): Egg retrieval procedure (day surgery) and follow up after. We opted for half IVF and half ICSI for the method of fertilization. We then waited for results of successful embryo fertilization and then Day 5/6 to see how many blastocysts we had.

9-11th Visit (about 4 months after 1st consult): Start medications for egg transfer, do ultrasounds to track uterine lining development

12th Visit (about 5 months after 1st consult): Embryo transfer procedure

13th Visit (2 weeks after): HCG Beta test (to determine if pregnant or not)

In my case, I was extremely fortunate to get a positive pregnancy result after my first try. And subsequent visits were to continually track the development of the embryo.

Breaking Down My IVF Expenses

So, how much did it all cost? Sit tight; here’s a quick overview of my IVF cost (detailed breakdown in excel template below):

  • The Prep Work: Consultations and lab tests weren’t cheap. Overall we spent about $3,700+ on these alone before the various procedures.
  • The Medication: Hormones, injections, and all that jazz were major players in the cost game. In my case, we spent about $3,500+ alone to prep my body for the two major procedures.
  • The Main Event: Egg retrieval ($8,400+) and embryo transfer (5,700+) are the heart of the IVF process which also means they cost quite a bit.

In terms of total IVF cost we were looking at about $21,400 for our first IVF cycle (before Medisave deductions).

IVF Cost Singapore Bill

However, that is not counting the daily Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) medication I was taking and twice weekly acupuncture treatments I was undergoing to complement my IVF cycle. And not to mention my counselling sessions for the emotional rollercoaster that this journey was.

Need to know more details about the costs? Click to request access to my detailed Google excel sheet below where I provide line item details for every visit.

Variation of IVF Costs

While this is my personal IVF cost breakdown, do note that IVF expenses can vary from individual to individual depending on their conditions and choice of service provider.

Here’s some potential areas that might vary:

Public Vs Private Service Provider:

For the exact same medication, consult or procedure, private providers tend to charge more. And there isn’t the ability to tap on government subsidies (up to 75% of costs) if you go with the private option for now.

Complexity of Treatment Protocol:

  • The range and type of diagnostic tests required to determine the most appropriate IVF treatment plan can vary among patients, influencing the initial costs before the actual IVF cycle begins.
  • Some couples may need more complex treatment plans, including donor eggs/sperm, or additional cycles, which can increase the overall cost.
  • Standard IVF costs less than specialized procedures like ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) or PGD/PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening), which require additional expertise and equipment.

Medication & Hormonal Treatment:

Even with the same protocol, the type and dosage of fertility drugs can vary significantly among patients. This affects the total bill where higher doses and longer medication protocols cost more.

Beyond the base cost of IVF, couples should be prepared for potential additional cycles, as success is not guaranteed on the first try.

Financial Aid & Subsidies For Managing IVF Cost in Singapore

To be honest, there isn’t much available. But here are the main two that you should tap on to help alleviate the hefty IVF costs where possible.

Medisave Withdrawals

Couples can use their Medisave account, which is part of Singapore’s national savings scheme, to pay for IVF treatments. There are limits to how much can be withdrawn, depending on the cycle of treatment:

  • Up to SGD 6,000 for the first cycle,
  • Up to SGD 5,000 for the second cycle,
  • Up to SGD 4,000 for the third and subsequent cycles,
  • With a lifetime cap of SGD 15,000 per patient for assisted conception procedures.

Everyone is entitled to this, regardless of whether you opt for public or private providers. We did tap on this, but because we foolishly used up our first two cycles for IUI at KKH (much cheaper), we were only able to tap on $4,000 x 2 for our frozen IVF cycle.

Read up more here

Government Co-Funding Scheme (only for Public)

The Singaporean government offers a co-funding scheme for assisted conception procedures, including IVF, to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for eligible couples. This co-funding is available for up to three fresh and three frozen cycles, as follows:

  • 75% co-funding for the first cycle, up to SGD 7,700,
  • 75% co-funding for the second cycle, up to SGD 7,700,
  • 75% co-funding for the third cycle, up to SGD 7,700.

However there are several conditions, including the couple’s marital status and the wife’s age being below 40 years at the start of the treatment cycle.

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Was The IVF Cost Worth it?

Looking back, was it worth it? Of course a resounding yes. Every dollar, and every tear, was worth it to meet my little one.

Did I wish I didn’t have to spend so much to conceive? Of course. But I’ve come to terms that the journey to parenthood is different for everyone. If IVF is part of your path too, I’m here cheering you on.

And hey, if you’re curious about more than just the costs, or if you’ve got your own IVF story to share, drop me a message over on our contact form. Let’s keep the conversation going and support each other every step of the way.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Together, we’ve got this! 💪

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