Milk Rash

Milk rash, often referred to as “milk spots” or “baby acne,” is a common skin condition that appears as tiny white or red bumps on a newborn’s skin, particularly on the face. It is believed to be caused by the lingering maternal hormones that stimulate the baby’s oil glands, leading to these harmless blemishes.

Milk rash typically appears within the first few weeks of life and clears up on its own without treatment within a few weeks to months. It’s important for parents to avoid squeezing or attempting to treat these spots with acne medication or creams, as this can irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Instead, maintaining a gentle cleansing routine with water or a mild baby cleanser can help keep the baby’s skin clean and healthy. If there are concerns about the baby’s skin condition or if it doesn’t improve, it’s recommended to consult a paediatrician for advice.